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Fredericksburg Cast Iron Co.

This Texas-made, heirloom-quality cookware will become a family favorite

Leveraging our Texas-German heritage from the heart of the Hill Country, Fredericksburg Cast Iron Co. produces heavy duty cast-iron cookware that is 100% made in Texas. From our location in Fredericksburg with extensive experience in manufacturing high-quality, durable products, we initially introduced a No. 10 skillet with a smooth, hand-seasoned nonstick cooking surface, created using a handcrafted method of finishing and polishing.

This new approach resulted from frustration with so-called “modern” cookware that wore out quickly, and it eliminates the intimidating factor of rough, coarse and sandpaper-like cast-iron surfaces that proliferate the ironware market.

High-quality cast-iron cookware isn’t just about owning another piece of cookware—it’s about having something that will last a lifetime. By having something handcrafted with pride and 100% made in Texas, you can be sure your skillet will last a lifetime.

This is an investment. For less than $200, you’ll have a practical heirloom that will last longer for generations. Our merchandise  is crafted with a passion for high quality and a touch of character added in.

• Easy to use and maintain
• Durable cast-iron that can be passed on for generations
• Manufactured by family, for families
• Hill Country heritage

Ultimately it’s about family. Our high-quality products are made for cooking and eating together with family and friends to create memories and bonds that will last as long as our cookware. We put the time into making the best cast-iron cookware so you can enjoy it from day one until the day you pass it on. Great for cooking an extravagant Christmas feast for your family and friends or frying up some eggs for breakfast over a camp fire.

man cooking and flipping asparagus in a cast-iron pan