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A+ Educators

Teachers making a difference

In February, we asked you to send us a few words about your favorite teacher. There is no denying the impact these teachers have on the students they instruct. In fact, so many of you responded that we couldn’t even fit all your kind words on two pages! As a way to say “Thank you” to all the teachers featured here for the difference they have made, each will receive a $20 gift card to use for classroom supplies. The All-Star A+ Teacher, Carly Parsons, will get a $50 gift card. Teacher Appreciation Day is nationally recognized on May 9, so whether they taught you when you were little or are now teaching the littles that are most important to you, take the time to let a teacher know that you give them an A+. 

All–Star A+ Teacher: Carly Parson
John J. Ciavarra Elementary (Devine)
Nominated by Andrea Caballero

We have been blessed to have Mrs. Carly Parson teach two of our children. Last year, when we took our first-born to kindergarten, we had no idea what to expect. Carly exceeded our expectations … because she genuinely cared for my daughter. She actually cares for all of her students. She kept us parents in the loop as to what we needed to work on and what we needed to do this summer to prepare these kids for first grade. She even took time to send home worksheets to do so they didn’t fall behind. So when it came time to register my son for kindergarten it was a no-brainer to request Carly. Walking him to his first day of school was a 180 [degree reversal] of how we felt when we took our daughter the year before. I owe that to Carly…. I cannot express how much my husband and I have thoroughly enjoyed having Carly in our children’s lives. She may never know the impact she has had on them. A teacher is like a candle: It consumes itself to light the way for others. Thank you, Carly, for being our children’s candle.” 
Khera Vay | Devine Intermediate
Nominated by Sue Geyer

“Coach Vay not only devotes her time in the classroom, but she can be found outside before the sun comes up and still after dark coaching different running events. When they run during practice, she’s right alongside of them, coaching and encouraging the whole time. The confidence she gives the students is far more valuable than the skills being taught. Coach Vay has a way of digging deep and finding exactly what each kid needs to believe in him/herself and pulls it out of them. Her inspiration, motivation and encouragement has positively influenced many students that have walked the halls and run the roads in Devine.”
Emily Ann Lockwood | Ringgold Middle School
Nominated by Maria Alaniz

“Extremely dedicated and hardworking young lady. Her enthusiasm encourages people that do not feel they are capable of reaching their goals to enhance their education by attending school everyday.”
Lucinda Martinez and Laurie Santos | D’Hanis Elementary
Nominated by Melisa Joyner

“My daughter’s attitude has changed over the course of the year. Without these two magnificent teachers, my daughter would not have had such an amazing year, nor would we have seen such amazing improvements. Having a special needs child is a challenge in itself. To have amazing teachers who can connect to that child and allow them to know their potential and inspire the child to reach their potential is rare. These two teachers have inspired my daughter to finally see her potential!” 
Fred McCollum | Hondo High School
Nominated by Connor Davis, Student

“There isn’t another teacher or coach that cares and believes in his kids more than him. No matter if he is on the court or in the classroom, he always is about the kids he is teaching/coaching. I remember after one of my games this season, he pulled me aside and told me he believed in me to be able to shoot with confidence. Due to that, I was able to have the confidence and belief in myself to shoot the ball; I did, and I was able to hit the game-winning buzzer-beater versus Devine.” Editor’s note: Medina EC doesn’t endorse or choose sides in the Devine vs. Hondo rivalry. Our hearts and members go to both schools.
Heather Connell | Meyer Elementary (Hondo)
Nominated by Claire Schueling, Student

“My teacher deserves an A+ because she’s funny when she teaches us science. I love going to school because she is always nice and gives me a high-five.”
Renee Dougherty | Devine Intermediate
Nominated by Candy Finto

“She taught our son how to be successful, and he now loves to read. She’s amazing and deserves the recognition.”
Donna Zapata | John J. Ciavarra Elementary (Devine)
Nominated by Kayli Beaver

“She always comes up with the cutest activities and projects for her students. She makes learning FUN! We have been blessed to have her teach two of our children.”
Tina Mumme | John J. Ciavarra Elementary (Devine)
Nominated by Charles and Michele Thacker

“She has a way of motivating kids to learn and love to read. Teachers like Mrs. Mumme not only fill a school year, but leave their imprint in your child’s heart for a lifetime.”
Mrs. Garcia | Falcon Lake Academy (Home-schooled)
Nominated by Niza N.H., Student and Daughter

“Is there any grade higher than A+? I don’t know if this counts, but I’m home-schooled. So, my mom is my teacher. I say my mom is a very special teacher. Just recently, I learned about long division. I loved it so much, I asked her give me a 12 digit number, and I got it right! (741982674228 divided by 6 equals 123663779038, BY THE WAY!) So I think my mom TOATALLY deserves an A++++++++!”
Gabrielle Haby | Hondo High School
Nominated by Warren Haby

“My wife works every night endlessly, trying to help her students have the best education experience possible. Whether it is tutoring during lunch or after school, or helping a student that already graduated at our dinner table, she is there to help. More than once she has sent me to the store to get food to feed a group of hungry students, or go buy a jacket for a student without one.”
Ronda Shelton | John J. Ciavarra Elementary (Devine)
Nominated by Andrea Caballero

“She has made first grade so fun and exciting for our daughter. … You know you are leaving a positive impact when your child has nothing but good things to say about you.”
Amy Byrd | Devine Intermediate
Nominated by Felix Mendoza, Student

“Mrs. Byrd is a great teacher that is patient, loving and kind. She helps us understand reading and writing. She tells us we can pass our STAAR Test, that we can do it! Mrs. Byrd believes in us!”
Nikki Rainey | Meyer Elementary (Hondo)
Nominated by Weston Muennink, Student
Laurie Chandler | Woolls Intermediate (Hondo)
Nominated by Sally Pennington 

Miranda DeLeon | Woolls Intermediate (Hondo)
Nominated by Tammy Neuman 

Cindy Zuercher | John J. Ciavarra Elementary (Devine)
Nominated by Kayli Beaver 

Lucretia Stringer | Hill Country Elementary (Pipe Creek)
Nominated by Kimberly Sowards 

Alma Guerrero | Roma Middle School
Nominated By Milagro Martinez 

Kristen Sanders | Castroville Elementary
Nominated by Courtney Session 

Yvette Tapia | Meyer Elementary (Hondo)
Nominated by Doris Rangel 

Kimberly Cude | Woolls Intermediate (Hondo)
Nominated by Jinny Mangold 

Brianna Lutz | Hondo High School
Nominated by Melissa Mahula 

Kate McKee | McDowell (Hondo)
Nominated by Yvonne Rivera