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For Electric Cooperative Members
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A Shop Local Road Map for Holiday Gifts

MidSouth Electric Co-op encourages you to shop local and support businesses in your community

With the holidays quickly approaching, it can be tempting to try to buy some extra time by shopping online for gifts. But in opting for the speed and convenience of online shopping, you’re missing out on the pleasure of in-person shopping and the excitement of the hunt for gifts.

This season, MidSouth Electric Co-op encourages you to shop local—using the hashtag #shoplocal—and support businesses in your community. To help with that, we’ve compiled a list of some of our employees’ favorite places to visit in their hometowns. A few of these businesses have even offered to give our readers a discount in December.

Now, this list by no means covers all of the great businesses in our service territory, but we hope it encourages you to get out and explore your community. Make it a point to visit at least one locally owned business during your Christmas shopping this year. While there, take a photo and share it on social media—and while you’re at it, leave the company a kind online review of your experience. Let’s take #shoplocal beyond just our wallets.

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MidSouth Electric Co-op is looking to grow our Co-op Connections program by offering local discounts to our members at some of their favorite businesses. If you own a local business or know someone who might be interested in participating, please reach out to us at [email protected]. Also, be sure to check out our local and national discounts for members at