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1937 pickup joins CoServ fleet to celebrate 80 years of service

The terms “new vehicle” and “1937 Chevy pickup” don’t usually go together. But they do this year, when CoServ added a vintage vehicle to its fleet to help celebrate 80 years of serving North Texas.

The fully restored vehicle was unveiled to CoServ Employees in May during a week of 80th anniversary celebrations, and it was displayed (above) June 8 at the Annual Meeting in Denton.

Though green, the truck is named “Rosie” in honor of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who jump-started electrification efforts in the U.S. when he created the Rural Electrification Administration by executive order in 1935.

In late 2016, the vehicle was identified, purchased and driven from Chicago to CoServ’s headquarters in Corinth.

And that’s when the restoration work began.

“We totally dismantled the truck and put it back together,” said Donnie Morgan, the CoServ Construction Project Manager who oversaw the project. “Inside and out, it’s been totally redone.”

It will be shown at car shows, parades and other community events throughout North Texas. (It’s already won two “Best in Show” awards – in Aubrey and in Castle Hills.)

Vicki Sargent, Community Relations Director, said Rosie illustrates “the spirit of cooperation” that created Denton County Electric Cooperative.

“The truck is a symbol of the folks in Denton County who came together originally in 1937 and said, ‘We need to take care of our neighbor.’ And if we work together, we can provide electricity for our families.

“Wherever we take it, the truck opens the door for us to tell the story about a rural co-op, about neighbors coming together to take care of neighbors.”