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For Electric Cooperative Members
For Electric Cooperative Members
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Beat the Heat!

Lower your electric bills with these tips

Everything’s bigger in Texas, but our electric bills don’t have to be. If we work together now to reduce our electric use during summer peak hours, we’ll have it made in the shade with lower energy costs the following year!

Higher Costs From 2-6 p.m.

You know you save money by using less power—but did you know you and your fellow members can save by shifting when you use power?

Electric transmission costs have risen more than 100 percent in the past six years and will cost PEC and our members an estimated $66.9 million in 2017 alone. This cost is determined by the rates charged by transmission service providers in Texas and set by the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT). Rates are based on how much electricity our members use during four “peak events”: periods of high use during June, July, August and September, usually between 2 and 6 p.m. Our members see the results of those peak events on bills the following year.

The rates charged by the transmission service providers are not set by PEC: They come directly from service providers and the PUCT. But you’ve got the power to impact them by reducing PEC’s share of the total cost.

What You Can Do

Look out for peak alerts from us throughout the summer, and think about when you use power. Shift tasks that are not time-sensitive (like running the dishwasher or washing machine) earlier than 2 p.m. or later than 6 p.m., and bump the thermostat up a few degrees then, too. If you have “smart” devices, like a programmable thermostat, they can make shifting your use even easier.

Why It Matters to You

The less energy we all use during summer peak events, the lower PEC’s transmission costs will be in the next year! That’s savings we pass directly on to you. And the more friends and neighbors join in, the better it gets.

Let’s work together to save. Reduce your use from 2-6 p.m.!

• Set the thermostat a few degrees higher during peak times. If you’re away, bump it up 7-10 degrees.

• Consider using smart devices and appliances that can automate when you use energy.

• Keep blinds closed in the afternoon, or install solar screens on south- and west-facing windows.

• Avoid running your washing machine, dryer or dishwasher during peak times.

• Use ceiling fans, allowing you to raise the thermostat about 4 degrees with no reduction in comfort. Turn fans off when you leave the room.

• If you have a pool, run your pool pump before 2 p.m. or after 6 p.m.

Beat the Heat this summer, and reap the rewards all of next year! Learn even more about summer peak use at