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For Electric Cooperative Members
For Electric Cooperative Members

Beware of Co-op Equipment

Know where electric infrastructure is and then keep your distance

As you spend time outside this summer, your electric cooperative reminds you to use caution near electrical equipment. Often we are surrounded by electric infrastructure without even realizing it, so look up and around to make sure you know the location of poles, power lines, transformers and other co-op property in your surroundings.

Never climb trees near power lines. If you touch a tree that is touching a power line, your body could become the path of electricity from the line to the ground. If you encounter an animal trapped in a tree near power lines or inside a substation, do not attempt to rescue it. Call your co-op for assistance instead.

Don’t fly drones near electrical equipment. Remote control toys should never be flown near power lines, substations or other electrical equipment. If contact is accidentally made with a power line or a transformer inside a substation, many members of your community could be left without electricity. To avoid accidents, keep the remote control toy in sight at all times and avoid flying in windy conditions that might make you lose control.

Keep kites away from power lines. Kites can cause power outages if they come into contact with power lines, so it’s best to fly them only in wide-open areas. If the wind pushes your kite near a power line, let go of it and don’t try to retrieve it without help from your co-op. Never attach anything metal to a kite or fly it when it’s wet.

Leave balloons inside and away from power lines. Keep them tethered at all times and attached to weights. Never use metallic ribbon on balloons. Be especially careful with Mylar balloons, whose metallic coatings conduct electricity and can cause short circuits or power surges if they come into contact with power lines. Properly dispose of balloons by puncturing them to release the helium that could cause them to float away.

Here at your co-op, your safety is important to us. Share this message of electrical safety so that you and others can enjoy plenty of summer days filled with fun.