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Focus on Texas: Forests

Ever feel like you can’t see the forest for the trees? Our readers share plenty of pictures of both

Deep and mysterious or sunlit and dreamy, Texas forests call to us. Forests provide a serene setting for active fun like picnicking, camping, hiking, bird-watching and more. We have five beautiful national forests and preserves to check out right here in the Lone Star State, so what are you waiting for?

Anna Russell, Cherokee County EC: “This part of Colorado was once part of Texas.”

Sabine Bredow, Pedernales EC: Bald cypress trees covered in Spanish moss in the world’s largest cypress forest—around Caddo Lake in deep East Texas.

Trey Watson, Deep East Texas EC: “Drone photo of my forested property in the East Texas summer.”

Web Extra: Paul Cassel, Central Texas EC: “Oak trees along White Oak Road, Gillespie County.”

Web Extra: Mark C. Buckner, United Cooperative Services: “Sunshine lights the evening path through the forest at our place in Blum.”

Web Extra: Jack Robertson, CECA: “The refraction from the morning sun created an image of an angel.”

Web Extra: Happy Modisette, Tri-County EC: “I love walking in the forest I was raised in but don’t live in at this time. I always am in awe of the wildlife.”

Web Extra: Marcus White, Panola-Harrison EC: Some forests you have to drive or hike to visit. This one at Caddo Lake requires a boat.

Web Extra: Kim Wheeler, Sam Houston EC: “One of our favorite places to take pictures, located on our land in Goodrich.”

Web Extra: Linda Peacock, United Cooperative Services: “While walking in Caddo Lake State Park, I captured this peaceful view of the forest.”

Web Extra: Jenine Dunning, Grayson-Collin EC: “Don’t mess with Texas … or this tree.”