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Focus on Texas: Man-made vs. Nature

Humans forever encroach on the environment, but Mother Nature often reminds us we do so on her terms

Beauty can be found where the natural and the human-made collide. Over time some things once shiny and new return to the elements, often forming a new beauty all their own and leaving us to wonder at nature’s awesome power.

Kim Leatherwood, United Cooperative Services: Nature reclaims this old service station in Glen Rose.

Debra Czerny, Bluebonnet EC: Cactus flowers growing out of asphalt.

Jack Robertson, CECA: A rainbow scarab impaled on barbed wire.

Web Extra: Karen Fulghum, Bandera EC: “I took this photo while visiting the Laurel Tree restaurant in Utopia.”

Web Extra: Charles Baxter, CoServ: A great blue heron sits atop an old windmill in Denton County.

Web Extra: Ray Little, Karnes EC: “The office.”

Web Extra: Melissa Martinez, Magic Valley EC: “The [SpaceX] SN9 prototype starship is displayed near Boca Chica Beach in the Rio Grande Valley.”

Web Extra: Nicholas Linzenmeyer, Bartlett EC: “I found this old Chevy truck fighting nature’s reclamation of it while out dove hunting this past fall.”

Web Extra: Alice Sinnet, Hamilton County EC: “Man-made birdhouse, nature-made birdhouse.”

Web Extra: Tommie Calfee, Pedernales EC: “These old culverts on Onion Creek are from a long-gone 1930s gravel pit road.”

Web Extra: Ashton Dillard, Sam Houston EC: An abandoned school in Tarkington Prairie.

Web Extra: Candice Estep, United Cooperative Services: The view out Estep’s back door shows the fence that acts as the divide between human-made structures and the field where livestock and wildlife roam.

Web Extra: Kay Bell, Nueces EC: The remaining adobe walls of Sam Nail’s home and his working windmill in Big Bend National Park. The walls are in ruins, but the pecan trees planted by his family 100 years ago are going strong.

Web Extra: Fabian Ramirez, Magic Valley EC: The wolf moon rises between Starship SN9 and Starship SN10 at the SpaceX launch facility along Texas 4 near Boca Chica Beach.

Web Extra: Chris Miller, Bluebonnet EC: A twisted vine on the Bridge of Flowers in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts. It has a garden of flowers covering it between April and October.