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For Electric Cooperative Members
Finish This Sentence

I Wish I Was There When …

Here are the many ways readers finished this sentence

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Stevie Ray Vaughan played at Antone’s.
Kim Grossman, Pedernales EC | Jonestown

The winning lottery ticket was being passed across the counter.
Julia Bryant, South Plains EC | Spur

Neil Armstrong famously landed on the moon.
LeAnn Holt, Grayson-Collin EC | Allen

The northern lights put on their very best show.
Patsy Henderson | Via Facebook

To see if Davy Crockett survived the Alamo battle.
Craig Massouh, Pedernales EC | Sattler

My granddad asked my grandma to marry him.
Sherry Crecraft Krupinski | Via Facebook

The Fort Worth Zoo released baby horny toads.
Dorothy Schulze Pool | Via Facebook

Cuero had the last Turkey Trot in October of 1972.
W. Grant Braly, Guadalupe Valley EC | Cuero

They landed on the moon.
Barbara Allen Parmer | Via Facebook

Gold was discovered at Sutter’s Mill in California in 1848.
Barbara Boyne, Pedernales EC | Lago Vista

Gasoline was 25 cents per gallon.
Barbara Brinkmann | Via Facebook

The pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock, to see how grateful they were to finally get off that boat and bathe in fresh water.
Judy Brightman, Bandera EC | Boerne

The American soldiers rescued those in the Nazi prison camps.
Judy Long | Via Facebook

Apollo 11 took off from Florida. What a sight that must have been—going to the moon.
Jane Patterson, Bowie-Cass EC | Texarkana

On the day of President John F. Kennedy’s funeral.
Helen Smith | Via Facebook

My mother died. I was in Germany serving my country when I received the news she was very ill and dying. But I could not get home in time before she passed away.
Frankie J. Hail, Guadalupe Valley EC | New Braunfels

The cherry blossoms are at their peak in Washington, D.C.
Opal Brown | Via Facebook

Ships would sail the Rio Grande.
Pablo Sanchez, Magic Valley EC | Harlingen

John Glenn returned from outer space—the beginning of space travel we could never have imagined.
Beverly Linney | Via Facebook

Japan formally surrendered to the Allies aboard the USS Missouri on September 2, 1945, to end World War II.
Barry Stevens, Pedernales EC | Georgetown

The first insulators were used. They are so pretty—collectibles.
Mattie Woodfin Borders | Via Facebook

They signed the Texas Declaration of Independence on March 2, 1836.
Françoise Wilson, Central Texas EC | Kerrville

The original Armadillo World Headquarters was in full swing.
Cheryl Mesmer | Via Facebook

Elvis stepped out on each and every stage.
Janice Conway, Trinity Valley EC | Kaufman

Electricity was installed in rural areas.
June Jones | Via Facebook

Hernán Cortés and Moctezuma met for the first time.
Johnny Miller, Central Texas EC | Fredericksburg

The Big Bang happened.
Roger Barrow | Via Facebook

Amherst’s Main Street was the place to be on Saturday night—before the theater, bowling alley, barber and beauty shops, five-and-dime, and drugstore closed.
Jacquelyn Miller, Lamb County EC | Amherst

Studio 54 was bumping.
Marne O’Connor, Central Texas EC | Fredericksburg

In 1948, when George Jacob “Porky” Chedwick spun his first record on AM radio in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He put Black music on the air.
Anthony Murphy, Trinity Valley EC | Heartland

Thomas Edison got the lightbulb to light up.
Connie Cox, Farmers EC | Klondike