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Finish This Sentence

It’s Not Really Summer Until …

Here are the many ways readers finished this sentence

Here’s how our readers finished that sentence. Want more? Go here to help us finish this month’s sentence and see how readers completed previous sentences.

You hear a Texan say, “It ain’t the heat; it’s the humidity.”
Jessica Murray, Caldwell | Bluebonnet EC

The lines start getting longer at the raspa (snow cone) stand.
Luis Garza, Alice | Nueces EC

The cicada symphony starts playing at sunset.
Tony Hall

It’s watermelon season.
Donalie Beltran, May | CECA

You have to wring out your face mask.
Frank Palmer, Canton | Trinity Valley EC

It does not go below 70 degrees at night.
Sherry Krupinski

The grass and the dirt are the same color.
Colleen Duncan, Boyd | Tri-County EC

You throw away that bathing suit from last year and get a new one that fits.
Lucy Wiley

You eat watermelon outside in your underwear, and the juice runs down your front until your mom washes you down with a hose.
Joan Buzzard, Lakeway | Pedernales EC

The temperature hits 95.
Nadine Pope, Burleson | United Cooperative Services

You get to eat a nice, cold watermelon.
Nita Hilburn, Bryan | Bryan Texas Utilities

The temperature reaches 100 degrees.
Rock Mitchell

You see your first butterfly.
Tom Keaty, Lubbock | South Plains EC

I eat watermelon.
Judith Gadut Sherwood

The cicadas sing in the hot afternoon.
Dee Hoffman | Pedernales EC

Janet Mosley

That first bite of watermelon.
Cristen Cirrincione, Lubbock | South Plains EC

Days are long and you can’t enjoy being outdoors until after 8 p.m.
Sarah Skloss Tichenor

We have had homegrown fried green tomatoes.
Marvel McLean, Lake Kiowa | PenTex Energy

My tomato plants die.
Suzi Finsley Gibbons

You get your first chigger bite.
Cordie Moore, Florence | Pedernales EC

When is it not summer in Texas?
Lois Crigger

The fresh okra is sizzling in the skillet, black-eyed peas in the pot and sliced tomatoes on the side.
Donna Weeden, Paradise | Wise EC

I swim in Rockport.
Karen Beverly

I eat a fresh peach at the kitchen sink with the juice running off my chin and ruin a new white T-shirt. Happens every year.
Laura Pope, Temple | Bartlett EC

You’re wishing it was winter.
Nolan Bailey

I’ve had my first snow cone.
Gary Galloway, Weatherford | Tri-County EC

We go to Port Aransas.
Karen Miller Barnes

I make a batch of cherry pecan homemade ice cream for my family.
Nealia Adams, Livingston | Sam Houston EC

It’s almost always summer in Texas.
Rosann Bateman

You start wishing for winter again.
Scott Little, Dale | Bluebonnet EC

The cicadas start their buzzing sound.
Billie McCain

We sit on the front porch and watch the lightning bugs fly and listen to the evening sounds of summer in Texas.
Nancy Suson, Mound | Heart of Texas EC

You can fry your eggs on the sidewalk.
Jo Virgil

Barbecue with swimming and popsicles.
Caren Lee, Elgin | Bluebonnet EC

Till the grandkids show up.
Michele Denton

Your dress shirt becomes wet with sweat when you go outside for only a short time.
Michael Sonnier, George West | San Patricio EC

The hummingbirds come home to our back porch.
Ron and Sunny Taylor, Kempner | Hamilton County EC

It’s 100 degrees in the shade.
Charlie Geller, San Angelo | Concho Valley EC

It gets so hot that Barton Springs actually feels good and not freezing cold.
Mike Thomas, Lampasas | Hamilton County EC

You cut into that first watermelon.
Mary Williams, Jasper | Jasper-Newton EC

The night air is deafened by the sound of cicadas.
Earline Tomme, Rumley | Hamilton County EC

You have homemade ice cream and homegrown watermelon.
Connie Capps, Texarkana | Bowie-Cass EC

I hear the chorus of cicadas in the trees shading our yard.
Mary Beth Francis, Rio Medina | Medina EC

We’ve made a trip to Efurd Orchards and eaten peach ice cream.
Claudia Wills, Daingerfield | Bowie-Cass EC

You have watermelon.
Bernice Tarrer, Lakeport | Rusk County EC

You sit under an oak tree in the park eating a Dreamsicle ice pop.
Nancy King, Martindale | Bluebonnet EC

You lay out on the trampoline with your blanket and pillow and gaze up at the stars.
Vivian Auldridge, Goldthwaite | Hamilton County EC

I hear a locust sing and see a dragonfly on wing.
Sally Parkinson, Granbury | United Cooperative Services

You’ve gotten your first sunburn.
Julie Gorney, Trinity | Houston County EC

You forget to scrub down after working in the garden and wake up covered in chigger bites.
Debbie Lincoln, Morgan Mill | United Cooperative Services

You have that first bacon and tomato sandwich with a tomato from your garden or farmers market that tastes like a real tomato from your grandfather’s long-ago garden.
Deborah Thompson, Whitehouse | Bowie-Cass EC

Your pool water is too warm to swim in.
Dremma Haywood, Lone Oak | Farmers EC

You have a big slice of Texas watermelon—juice running down your chin—followed by a seed-spitting contest.
Ronny Ricks | Trinity Valley EC

You savor that first bite of homemade Parker County peach ice cream.
Brad Wahlert, Cresson | Tri-County EC

You dig into your first cold watermelon of the year.
William R. Moeglin, Georgetown | Pedernales EC

I can’t play 18 holes of golf due to the temperature.
Carol Mellerski, Flower Mound | CoServ

You eat watermelon on the Sabine River and watch your children’s watermelon rind war.
Rachel Johnson, Starks, Louisiana | Jasper-Newton EC

You see the goat weeds wilting.
Bobby Walker, Frankston | Trinity Valley EC

My family gets to the Frio River.
Nona Gardner, Garrison | Deep East Texas EC

You get your first chigger.
Fred McCauley, Dike | Farmers EC

The cicadas start singing.
Thomas E. Cathey Jr., Chandler | Trinity Valley EC

You smell homegrown, vine-ripened tomatoes.
Linda Coe, Cedar Park | Pedernales EC

The chiggers come out.
Sara Irvin, Clifton | United Cooperative Services

The snow cone lady opens up.
Sue Wells, Frisco | CoServ

That first spoon of homemade ice cream is enjoyed on the Fourth of July.
Mike Midkiff, Quitman | Wood County EC

The air conditioner breaks down.
Jack Chamberlain, Tuscola | Taylor EC

You’ve had homemade ice cream.
Susanna McDowell, Grapeland | Houston County EC

The skeeters skedaddle.
Greg Milam, Blanco | Pedernales EC

The watermelons are juicy red and ripe, there’s icy cold Blue Bell ice cream in the fridge, and the grill is fired up, filling the air with abundant flavorful aromas.
Patricia E. Archie, Huntsville | MidSouth EC

You can go to bed without putting on socks to keep your feet warm.
Linda King, Lubbock | South Plains EC

Snow cone stands open.
Bonnie Lowry-Sult, Gordonville | Grayson-Collin EC

You can fry an egg on the sidewalk.
Crecre Johnson, Cedar Park | Pedernales EC

Everybody is wearing their flip-flops.
Randa Fuller, Woodway | Heart of Texas EC

You slice that first juicy, homegrown, vine-ripened tomato and savor it with a little salt.
Joan Worden, Lago Vista | Pedernales EC

You get your first bunch of chigger bites.
Allen Delger, McKinney | Grayson-Collin EC

You encounter at least one giant Texas redheaded centipede.
Barbara Dobbs, Fischer | Pedernales EC

I break out the ice cream churn for homemade Sunday ice cream.
Julie Tolliver Hicks | MidSouth EC

We’re frying okra.
Donna Neal Moore | Southwest Rural EC

Run through a sprinkler, drink from the water hose and then end the day chasing lightning bugs.
Shelly Haefy Crofford, Canyon Lake | Pedernales EC

The goat weeds start to grow.
Donna Chamblee Burns, Mabank | Trinity Valley EC

Until the mercury hits triple digits.
Doug Roach, Marble Falls | Pedernales EC

TV announcers fry an egg on the sidewalk.
Sally Risinger, Elmer, Oklahoma | Southwest Rural EC

The barbecue is hot, and the beer is cold.
K. Metzler, San Antonio | Pedernales EC

The cicadas and katydids compete for the loudest bug award.
Stephanie Alford, Fredericksburg | Central Texas EC

It’s too hot outside to go swimming.
Jeff Parsons, Mexia | Navasota Valley EC

Hot water comes out of both faucets.
Joan Josephs, Fredericksburg | Central Texas EC

Evenings on your back porch with a cool glass of sweet tea, watching lightning bugs.
Wanda Reichert, Sherman | Grayson-Collin EC

The water from the cold-water tap runs warm.
Peter Nieft, Austin | Pedernales EC

I see the first lightning bug flashing.
Tom Damron, Plano | CoServ

You dribble snow cone juice down the front of your T-shirt and don’t care.
Cranz Nichols, Burnet | Pedernales EC

You see a red bird.
Frank Graham, Irene | Navarro County EC

You see a cluster of 150 daddy longlegs on the eave above your front door.
Bob McIntosh, Mineola | Wood County EC

You have sweat running down your back walking 10 feet from your front door to your car.
Debra Skeens, San Marcos | Pedernales EC

I hear that first cicada, whirring louder and louder, confirming that the season has just changed.
Stephanie S. Murphy, Ennis | Navarro County EC

You can fry an egg on the sidewalk.
Betty Jo Wilde, San Angelo | Concho Valley EC

I eat that first bowl of Mama’s homemade vanilla ice cream.
Alice Stewart, Hempstead | San Bernard EC

You can fry an egg on the sidewalk.
Susan Bullard, Sherman | Grayson-Collin EC

The cicadas start singing.
Rhonda Smith, Granbury | United Cooperative Services

You are outside and feel the sizzling, 100-plus weather of the Rio Grande Valley.
Alejandra Pantoja, Weslaco | Magic Valley EC

You have tan lines.
JD Williamson, San Marcos | Pedernales EC

Hot water comes from both sides of the faucet.
Fred Greenwood, Brownsville | Magic Valley EC

The locusts drown out all other sounds.
Darren Hawthorne, Wylie | Farmers EC

You walk in the local Brookshire’s and find Blue Bell peaches and homemade vanilla ice cream.
Shirley Baker, Coldspring | Sam Houston EC

The Fourth of July picnic and fireworks.
Roxanne Brink, Lake Cherokee | Rusk County EC

You hear the long songs of cicadas on calm warm nights.
Earl O’Connor, Schroeder | Victoria EC

The thermometer hits 100 and you tube down the Frio.
Sylvia Barker, San Antonio and Kingsland | Pedernales EC

Swinging in the evening heat, listening to the cicadas, while watching the sun set in a sky of pinks and oranges.
Julie T. Hicks, Bedias | MidSouth EC

You get that first Mason County watermelon.
Chuck Bearden, Mason | Central Texas EC

You’ve felt that first chigger itch.
Diane Axtell, Marble Falls | Pedernales EC

We had sweet tea with lemon and mint leaves from the backyard.
Phyllis Doughty | Navasota Valley EC

You see the lightning bugs in the backyard.
Jana and Mark Piper, Springtown | Tri-County EC

We have a typical hot and humid Texas day when I feel like I’m swimming and I don’t even have a pool.
Rose Dowling, Allen | CoServ

The temperature hits 100.
Mollee Puckett, Marble Falls | Pedernales EC

Butterflies, fireflies and gardens rise.
Rick Vanderpool, Lubbock | South Plains EC

The cicadas start singing.
Lori Burns, Boerne | Bandera EC

Your first wasp sting.
Ken Calhoun, Pittsburg | Bowie-Cass EC

The lightning bugs start to glow.
Marion Kelsay, Winnsboro | Wood County EC

You hear the cicadas singing.
Jenny Cate, Franklin | Navasota Valley EC

When that first watermelon is sliced up.
John Martine, Buckhorn | San Bernard EC

The evenings are alive with the song of the cicadas.
Kay Daugherty, Marble Falls | Pedernales EC

You see fireflies.
Paul Goebel, Keller | Tri-County EC

Garden tomatoes and watermelon become a daily staple, and river shoes replace boots as most-used footwear.
Andra Millian, Dripping Springs | Pedernales EC

I hear the cicadas singing their songs.
Craig Kramer, Austonio | Houston County EC

You’re sweating while in the pool.
Wes Reagan, Hempstead | San Bernard EC

I eat my fried green tomatoes.
Sherry Scarborough, College Station | Bryan Texas Utilities

Your chigger bites have chigger bites.
Brad Shumate, Sanger | CoServ

I can take a shower without having to add any hot water.
Larry Murphy, Silver City | Navarro County EC

You attend a church picnic and dance the polka.
Jo Ann Darilek Dunlavy, Schulenburg | Fayette EC

The grandkids visit and want a fire in the fire pit to make s’mores.
Tammy Gerard, Jasper | Jasper-Newton EC

You have a BLT and watermelon meal.
Shirley Manfredi, Pilot Point | CoServ

The chickens stop laying.
Debbie Moore, Whitesboro | Grayson-Collin EC

That first homegrown tomato is turned into a BLT.
Rob Trippet, Comfort | Bandera EC

You can hear the cicadas above all other evening noises.
Denice Bailey, Midlothian | HILCO EC

You make that first gallon of homemade vanilla ice cream.
Hollis Browne, Snyder | Big Country EC

“You get a line, I get a pole, and we’ll head to the crawfish hole.”
Sherry Lane, Huntsville | MidSouth EC

You experience the five senses of summer:
See a flickering firefly.
Smell the sticky sweet of sunscreen.
Hear the pop and boom of fireworks.
Taste the cool juice of watermelon.
Feel 100 degrees.
Alecia Ormsby, Spicewood | Pedernales EC

The peaches are falling off the tree.
Coral Stricker, Lakehills | Bandera EC

We can fry our eggs on the sidewalk.
Lana Davis, Portland | Nueces EC

I hear the sound of cicadas.
Marieaan Kahts, Frelsburg | Bluebonnet EC

You can fry an egg on the sidewalk.
Maydline Schultz, Edna | Jackson EC

You crack open an ice-cold Mexican Coke in 100-degree weather.
Raquel Morin | Medina EC

You sink your teeth into a big, red, juicy homegrown tomato with lots of salt.
Marilyn Johnson, Horseshoe Bay | Pedernales EC

You find yourself praying for October.
Carol Rogers, Denton | CoServ

The crick behind the house runs dry.
Jack Nichols, Port Aransas | Nueces EC

The mommas let their fawns come out of hiding.
Connie Janda, Smithville | Bluebonnet EC

You can pop the liquid tar bubbles on the asphalt with your toes (from my growing-up years in Port Arthur).
Cheryl Glasgow, Cedar Park | Pedernales EC

You’ve sat your 52-year-old shirtless body on the beach for eight hours with no sunscreen. Oweeeeee.
Ronny Kellar | Deep East Texas EC

I make my mother’s potato salad.
Kathy Boydston, Dripping Springs | Pedernales EC

Steve Philippus, Lampasas | Hamilton County EC

You wake up, take a shower, go outside for 10 minutes, then need to take another shower.
Michael Castillo, Buda | Pedernales EC

That first freezer of homemade ice cream.
Marla Strickland, Fredericksburg | Central Texas EC

Eating watermelon in the sweltering heat amid the din of cicadas and mosquitoes.
Katherine Helterbridle, El Campo | Wharton County EC

I hear the cicadas sounding off.
Lynn Stringer Smith Rickman, Kaufman | Trinity Valley EC

You eat a roadside watermelon off the back porch.
Kim Wilson, Bandera | Bandera EC

The no-see-ums arrive.
Marlene O’Day, Frisco | CoServ

The cicadas start singing.
Sue Love, Andice | Pedernales EC

You get that first chigger bite.
Beth Tircuit,
Bonham | Fannin County EC

The scissor-tails dance to the music of the cicadas.
Bruce Wheat, Buffalo Gap | Taylor EC

You’ve had shaved ice from your favorite local place.
Steve Rung, Austin | Pedernales EC

Local weather forecasters talk about the heat like it was something new.
James Connealy, Baytown | Navasota Valley EC

You’ve watched the fireflies flit in a dark sky.
Althea Driver, Childress | South Plains EC

The grass turns brown.
Linda Barbara, Tyler | Wood County EC

You hear the first music of the ice cream truck coming down the street.
Cindi Mladenka, Mason | Central Texas EC

The swimming pool feels warm like bathwater.
Bridget Palmer, Fort Worth | Tri-County EC

The temperature doesn’t get below 80 at night and the cicadas sing in the afternoon.
Steve Russell, Denton | CoServ

I’ve had my first plate of fried green tomatoes.
Pat Butler, Murchison | Trinity Valley EC

Someone gets stung by a wasp.
Iris Olivarez, Kurten | Bryan Texas Utilities

The grass is crispy.
John Hartman, Floresville | Karnes EC

You wish it was really fall already.
Donnie Askew, Streetman | Navarro County EC

All you can think about is Deep Eddy and Barton Springs.
Scott Johnson, Bastrop | Bluebonnet EC

The cicadas are singing in the trees.
Doug Adashefski, Lago Vista | Pedernales EC

It’s 80 degrees when you wake up in the morning.
Ed Lane, Chappell Hill | Bluebonnet EC

You can brew tea faster outside in a jar than inside in a teakettle.
Phyllis Poehlmann, Lometa | Hamilton County EC

You’ve shelled some peas listening to a cricket band.
Marlo Holbrooks, Gail | Lyntegar EC

You have had homemade ice cream on the porch with your family.
Norma Kilgore, Lubbock | South Plains EC

You hear the cicadas sing.
Jane Scaff, Leander | Pedernales EC

The cold-water tap runs hot.
Carol Borcherding, Comfort | Bandera EC

I see the lightning bugs out in my yard in the evenings.
Juana Bishop, Wimberley | Pedernales EC

Dried corn plant leaves are falling from the sky.
Marian Riegel, Moffat | Heart of Texas EC

It hits 98 in February for a high, yielding triple-digit days beginning in May, ending in October.
Red Rickard, Jewett | Navasota Valley EC

Your face is sticky and dripping with watermelon juice.
Sonia P. Lucio | Magic Valley EC

We hear a chorus of cicadas throughout the trees.
Bill Pfeiffer, Kingsland | Pedernales EC