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For Electric Cooperative Members
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Outage Text Messages

Get notifications about outages affecting your meters

SmartHub is a great FREE tool that is available to members of Medina EC. It allows you to manage your account: Pay bills, report outages, look at use and more. It’s available at or as an app (App Store or Google Play Store).

SmartHub can also send you a text message or email notification when you lose power and when our system shows your power is restored.

To set up your notifications:

Go to SmartHub at You cannot set up these notifications from the app.

If you’re already registered, log in. If you haven’t registered, click on the New User link. You will need your billing account number, which you can find on your most recent electric bill.

Once you are logged in, select Notifications. Click Manage Contacts and be sure your email and cellphone number (if you want text alerts) are entered as active contacts.

Click Manage Notifications under the same Notifications menu. You will see options for notifications on billing, usage, service and miscellaneous. Expand those menus and select the boxes for all alerts you want. Alerts for power outages, like Power Outage and Outage Restored, are listed under service. If you have more than one meter, you will need to set up notifications by meter, and you will see those options in a box at the top of the page.

Once you select text message or email for things you want alerts on, hit Save Settings at the bottom of the page. You are done! Next outage, you will receive alerts based on the selections you made.

Just log in to SmartHub from a computer to get started changing your notification preferences. You can’t change notification preferences from the mobile app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I want to get a text alert when power is restored? If we send you an alert that power is back on and you are still without lights, there is an additional problem. When you report your outage again, crews will be alerted and will know that the work they did that restored power for other people did not fix your power and that they need to look at additional equipment closer to your location.

Can I use the app and also access SmartHub from Yes! If you are on a computer, you can access SmartHub from If you are wanting to get to SmartHub from your phone or tablet, you can go to and access it just like you would from your computer (although it made be hard to read depending on your device). You can also download the app and access your information from there.

Why should I use SmartHub? It puts everything you need to manage your account in one place. It allows you to report an outage by clicking one button, pay your bill easily and see how much electricity you are using.

Want to use the mobile app? Download the app for iPhones here and the app for Android here.