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For Electric Cooperative Members
April 2008 Letters

TCP Talk

Letters and comments from our readers

Medical Article on Target
What a wonderful surprise was awaiting me as I walked into my office this morning—a copy of the February 2008 edition with the incredible cover photo of Dr. Robert Allen Youens.

Not only was I impressed with the photo, the article was first-rate. You captured the spirit of rural physicians.

Shannon McBride, Administrator, Colorado-Fayette Medical Center, Fayette Electric Cooperative

Coach an Inspiration
I am writing to say how much I enjoyed reading Jean-Cosme Delaloye’s article, “The Coach from Amarillo,” in the January issue. As the mother of a deaf daughter who inspires those around her every day, it was especially meaningful to me to read about Coach Tankersley. What a wonderful story!

Suzanne Labry, Pedernales Electric Cooperative

Teen Pressure Behind Piercing
Regarding the [February] article “Piercing Moments” by Sheryl Smith-Rodgers, I would like to challenge the idea that parents’ approval of a daughter’s requests for piercing or other fads among her teen peers is somehow allowing her to “find herself and be herself, to be independent and confident, wise and ambitious,” as in the paragraph near the end of the article. Going along with teen peer pressure is not a sign of “independence, confidence and wisdom,” in my opinion.

What has happened to the idea that adults have the right to withhold permission for things that underage dependents want to do to their bodies? Perhaps helping teens to see that they’re merely trading “dependence on their parents” for “dependence on their peers” would be more helpful to the kids’ maturing process toward true adult independence.

Georgia M. Weber, Pedernales Electric Cooperative

Sunshine Treat
I believe June Naylor’s [“Hit the Road”] article in February missed one very important place in Junction for dining. I have a small ranch outside of Junction, and every time I come and go from San Antonio I always stop in at the Sunshine Bakery and Café and get the best hamburger and banana pudding I have ever eaten. 

Daryl Tanner, Pedernales Electric Cooperative 

Don’t Cage Cats
I’m very disappointed that you ran “2 Sisters Raise 3 Cougars” as your cover story for January 2008.

These animals are meant to be wild. For your magazine to join in the exploitation of them is simply wrong. Not to mention the fact that by running this story you will be giving another stupid person somewhere the idea that it is OK to keep these animals in captivity.

Pam Robertson, Fentress