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April 2018 Letters

TCP Talk

Letters and comments from our readers

Remembering Those Thursday Nights

I remember going to segregated football games as a child but forgot what night they were played on [Thursday Night Lights, February 2018]. The players in their uniforms along with the game noises from the band, people yelling and visiting, and announcers calling the plays all made for a fun night.

It is always good to learn about a part of Texas history that we forgot and how far we have come in becoming a truly integrated nation.

Cynthia L. Matlock | Troup
Cherokee County EC

Thursday Night Legend

Growing up in Abilene, we were integrated from junior high onward, so this was educational [Thursday Night Lights, February 2018], and I look forward to the book.

I was delighted to see mention of Alphonse Dotson, who played for Houston Yates, Grambling State and the Oakland Raiders. We met Alphonse at the tasting room for his amazing Dotson-Cervantes wines. What a talent and a true gentleman. If you find yourself in Pontotoc and the tasting room is open, stop in to meet a Texas legend.

Linda Nesmith | Austin
Pedernales EC

Texas Pride Is OK, Too

A recent letter to the editor from Luke D. Jessup was hurtful [OK With Us, February 2018]. He states that he dislikes all things Texas and never says why. I was born in Texas and have lived in other places, but my heart is in Texas.

Judy Pickel | Magnolia
San Bernard EC

I have to say, Luke from OK, you prefaced your letter most distinctly. I understood your feelings when I saw your location, and I’m assuming the contempt stems from the Texas-Oklahoma football rivalry. I have a coworker who is a devout Longhorn fan, and I’ve often sat and listened to him tell his tales with spirited vigor.

That aside, your note was refreshing to read. I don’t harbor any hate or ill feelings toward any of our 50 states, but I’m certain the good ol’ USA is strong enough to weather our love-hate sibling relationships without flinching.

Anthony Piwetz | Victoria
Nueces EC

Spreading the Love

Nancy Johnson [Open Hearts, February 2017] has done a wonderful job in spreading the need for sending a little love to these special children with heart defects. It truly touched me that such a small act could impact so many lives. Several years ago, a dear friend of ours lost their baby girl to a heart condition. The Driscoll Children’s Hospital in Corpus Christi took such good care of not only the baby but the family as well.

I have begun crocheting hats for Nancy. Each time I work on a red hat, I think about and pray for the baby who will wear it. Thank you for bringing her mission to all of your readers.

Norma Gayle | Concan
Bandera EC

Old Theaters Revived

Great article about the Globe Theatre [Saving the Globe, January 2018]. I wish you could have mentioned the Lyric Theater in Flatonia. Much like the Globe, it sat idle—from 1967 until 2007. Finally, on April 7, 2017, it hosted its first film, Secondhand Lions, with tickets at the old cost of only 35 cents.

James Longmire | Flatonia