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For Electric Cooperative Members
April 2021 Letters

TCP Talk

Letters and comments from our readers

Inspired Devotion

Thank you for Michael Hurd’s thoughtful column on Black History Month [Time To Talk About That, February 2021], along with your tribute to war hero Doris Miller. Something that always inspires me about the United States is the degree of loyalty and devotion it inspires even in people it has treated poorly.

Students sometimes ask me why we have Black History Month but not white history month. I tell them it’s because we have white history year.

Walter D. Kamphoefner, Bryan Texas Utilities | Bryan

Family Tribute

My yard is full of plants that family have given me [Putting Down Roots, February 2021]. Some have passed on, but I feel that I have a part of them in the plant.

Janet Barker | Via Facebook

I was given a clipping from a huge ficus tree my dad had after my dad and the tree died. That clipping is now 6 feet tall. I have taken clippings from my tree, rooted them and sent them to my children along with my nieces and nephews. We all have a part of Dad’s tree.

Sherry Crecraft Krupinski | Via Facebook