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For Electric Cooperative Members
April 2013 Letters

TCP Talk

Letters and comments from our readers

Laurence Parent

Her New ‘Must-Read’

The February issue was the first I’ve seen, and I enjoyed every article!

La Prensa, the Spanish-language newspaper from San Antonio, was a must in our family back in the 1930s. As the only Mexican family in Chandler, we children born in the U.S. had no contact with Spanish-speaking people, but my father ordered La Prensa by mail and would read it aloud to my grandmother and mother, and we would listen. My sister (94 years old now) learned to read the comics when she was 5. Before the Depression, my father read where banks were closing and quickly withdrew his saving from the bank—all $600 of it!

The Cattle Call” reminded me of my dear husband. We both retired to some acreage his father left him and raised cattle as a hobby until he died eight years later. Cattle auctions were fun!

As a former teacher, I say the graphic “How Texas Laws Are Made” should be known by all Texans. I can’t wait for your next issue.

Camina Chavez | Trinity Valley EC

How Texas Laws Are Made

I applaud Texas Co-op Power for the simplistic flowchart explaining the complex process of making laws in the Texas Legislature [“How Texas Laws Are Made,” February 2013]. Understanding this process is important to every adult citizen of Texas and to every student in school in Texas.

Warren D. Tenney | Pedernales EC


As far back as I can remember, my father was a subscriber of La Prensa until it ceased publication in 1963. Thanks for bringing back another good memory from my past.

Mickie Renteria | Wood County EC

Hey, Hey Smokey

I just wanted to tell Lori Grossman how much I enjoyed reading “Paul and Paula: Sweethearts of the ’60s” [February 2013].

I didn’t personally know Ray Hildebrand or Jill Jackson, but I did know Marvin “Smokey” Montgomery very well. Smokey, as most fans and friends called him, was the co-founder of the Dallas Banjo Band, of which I have been a member for almost 23 years. Even though Smokey had many other musical commitments, including the Light Crust Doughboys and the Levee Singers, he made time to be the Banjo Band’s director until his death in 2001.

Smokey would often tell stories about helping write “Hey! Baby” with Bruce Channel and his time in Europe touring with Paul and Paula.

Glenn Snyder | Fannin County EC

Chapels in the Trees

Thank you for the article “Enlightenment at a Brush Arbor Revival” [February 2013]. I’ve seen brush arbor revivals and wish everybody could.

Jim Williams | Farmers EC

Meter Reader

My old electric meter [“Meter Beaters,” February 2013] was turned into a functioning lamp. With a three-way bulb, the dial spins faster as more wattage is being used. Glad I could recycle in another way.

Jan Smith | United Cooperative Services

Houston the Slave

Joshua Houston was not an important member of the Sam Houston household due to his quick mind and faithfulness [“The Other Remarkable Houston,” January 2013]. He was a slave and was forced to be in the Houston household. Common sense and faithfulness were expected of him.

The article is written as if Joshua Houston had a choice to be or not to be the family’s blacksmith, wheelwright, carpenter and driver. He had no choice in his living situation. He simply existed in it until he was emancipated.

Vaughn Young | Bartlett EC

Mom and Pop Still Around

We enjoyed the article about Maurice Jackson’s old-school full-serve gas station [“Gas With Class,” January 2013]. Mom-and-pop full-serve gas stations are still around. Our family has been in the service station business in Austin for 40 years and, yes, we still have full-serve pumps and a certified automobile repairman in our shop for our neighborhood customers.

We remember when grocery stores sold only groceries and gas stations sold only gas, but that was in days gone by. We are the third-generation service station family, and we are serving second- and third-generation customers at Casis Village Shell.

Wright Family | Pedernales EC

The story about the O’Donnell gas station made me wish for the days back then.

Stephen Lokey | New Braunfels