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For Electric Cooperative Members
For Electric Cooperative Members
August 2012 Letters

TCP Talk

Letters and comments from our readers

Woody Welch

Making All the Right Moves

Thank you so much for your cover story, “The Kings and Queens of Brownsville,” in the June 2012 issue. We have been sponsoring and mentoring chess players in our public and private school systems for four years (three tournaments completed) and in the Fredericksburg branch of the Boys & Girls Club Of The Texas Hill Country. This started out as a pursuit of our noon Rotary club and has grown to be a real success. Our emphasis is use the computer in your head, and sportsmanship. Thank you for calling this wonderful game to everyone’s attention.

Dick Dorer, Fredericksburg

Follow the Pickups

While reading the “Magical History Tour” articles [May and June issues] and reading of Carol Moczygemba’s dining experiences, my tactic came to mind. When looking for a place to eat in an unfamiliar town, I always look for a place with pickups in the parking lot. The farmers and ranchers are good indicators of the best places to eat. They’ll never steer you wrong. Use this tactic and enjoy your dining!

Gaylon W. Stamps, Panhandle

Saluting Lamar EC Workers

We would like to extend our gratitude to Lamar Electric Cooperative. On Wednesday, May 30, we were without electricity for eight hours due to a fallen tree on a power line. We live on CR 4225 between Annona and Boxelder on a line that supplies electricity for nine residences. A tree had fallen across the road near our house, and we only have one way out. There were four trucks from Lamar EC; the men went beyond their call of duty and cleared the road with chainsaws before they continued their own work. We salute these men for the hard work that they do on a daily basis. They had been working since 2 a.m., and it was now 8 a.m. Take a few seconds and thank these men. They are well-deserving.

Jay and Lori Smith, Lamar EC

A Snakebitten Legacy

Thank you for the article “A Snakebitten Legacy” by Clay Coppedge in the June 2012 issue. That’s very interesting history concerning Texas and Polish Catholic immigrants. I was born and raised in Detroit in the 1960s, and my immediate family migrated to Arlington in 1972. We are all still in the Metroplex carrying on the Polish Catholic traditions learned from my parents and grandparents. I’m proud of my Polish genealogy and history. Compared to being from “somewhere out in East Texas,” I can say I’m a fourth-generation Polish Catholic settler to the great state of Texas. Thanks again!

Chris Pikulinski, CoServ Electric

Park Hosts: The Next Chapter

What a blessing volunteers are in this time of financial crunch in our state parks— thank you for the reminder of their importance! I write a series of children’s books called Annie the Texas Ranch Dog that feature Texas state parks as locations where pit-bull-mix Annie solves mysteries with her Texas park ranger owner. I want young readers to convince their families to take advantage of the unique resources of our state parks. Your article about volunteers [“Campground Comrades,” February 2012] reminded me to add a park host to the characters in the book I am writing. Thanks for the mental prod.

Patty Shafer, Guadalupe Valley EC

Food To Last the Year

I loved the February 2012 article about keyhole gardening! I grow a garden every year, and last year the drought conditions in my area made it somewhat impossible to grow anything, even with a water well. I used the keyhole garden idea and now have my own slightly changed version. I used railroad cross ties filled with compostable materials and my own mixture of soils and, of course, cow manure. The hole in the center is for compost materials and water. I lined only the sides with plastic to hold in the water and built a structure over the top with PVC pipe to cover it with a shade mesh. So far, it is working very well.

I believe I will have a great crop this year. I am thinking for fall and winter I can cover it with plastic and have produce all year. Thanks for the great idea!

Donna Wright, Big Country EC