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For Electric Cooperative Members

TCP Talk

Letters and comments from our readers

Making It Happen

The evening of the big freeze, I drove from my home in Crawford to Marble Falls to visit my disabled brother [Co-ops Shine, October 2021]. My wife was left alone to face the rigors of the freeze, and because of the work of Heart of Texas EC, she had power almost the entire time. I am deeply appreciative of all the work the co-op employees put in to make that happen.

Stan and Jane Jarosz, Heart of Texas EC | Crawford

Superb Service

Our San Patricio EC is excellent. Always great service in the field and at the office. They keep customers informed and repair in a timely manner. We never lost power during the freeze.

Sue Sparkman | Via Facebook

A Stable Career

We sure need more horse vets [Second to None, September 2021].

Kate Jacobs | Via Facebook

Walking Through History

As a kid my brothers and I scoured this same Hill Country looking for arrowheads and other stuff, even chasing a few goats along the way [Raising the Stakes, September 2021].

John Taliaferro has a way of telling a story that makes you feel like you’re walking along with him and getting a history lesson at the same time. He talks Texan.

Dale Yardley, Cherokee County EC | Jacksonville