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For Electric Cooperative Members
For Electric Cooperative Members
December 2008 Letters

TCP Talk

Letters and comments from our readers

Sheer Bliss
I very much enjoyed Winter Prosapio’s piece “Tangled Up in Bliss” (September 2008).

Although I have no direct experience with motherhood, I have been married for many years to a woman I consider the greatest mother of them all, and so I’ve at least spent a lot of time observing it. Prosapio’s piece was beautifully written, light and, at the same time, moving.

Thank you to her for writing it and to you for printing it.

Andrew Forsythe, Pedernales Electric Cooperative

Helium Blues
Thank you for your September 2008 article regarding depletion of the natural gas helium. My late father, Claude Pickett, was superintendent of the largest helium plant in the world, Exell Helium Plant, which was located 35 miles north of Amarillo. After Exell’s closure, he was superintendent of the Soncy Helium Plant in Amarillo. My dad frequently expressed dismay, disappointment and concern about what he considered often frivolous and wasteful use of this most precious gas. Many times I heard him ask, “When the helium is gone, it is gone forever and then what will we do?”

Claudeane Pickett Sublett, Wood County Electric Cooperative

Way to Go, SBEC
Just a pat on the back for the San Bernard Electric Cooperative guys who worked day and night during and after Hurricane Ike to get the lights up in our area. We always hear about the guys (utility work crews) from Michigan, Canada or wherever, but they (media) seem to forget about the people in the country. I hope all the guys were safe during all that lightning.

Cindy Thiessen, San Bernard Electric Cooperative

Keep Up the Good Work
My entire family watched from our living room as Hurricane Ike pushed closer and closer to our neck of the woods recently. We were all pondering the same question: Would this be another Rita, or could it be worse? After all, this one was forecast to come FAR closer to our home than Rita had.

I returned home a week after Ike hit to far worse than I expected. We had numerous trees down and extensive roof damage. We all wondered how long we would be forced to power our home by generator (I should mention here that we have two, yes, TWO 3-year-olds!). When our electricity was restored on the ninth day following the storm, I was begged by my family members not to follow through on my threats to personally kiss each and every one of the electrical workers in our neighborhood. I am absolutely thrilled with how quickly everyone came together and worked so hard.

I’ve never been more pleased to be a customer of Sam Houston Electric Cooperative. Keep up the good work!

Stephanie Amador, Sam Houston Electric Cooperative