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For Electric Cooperative Members
February 2007 Letters

TCP Talk

Letters and comments from our readers

Why Hunt?
We are dog lovers and appreciated the December story by Andrew Sansom about the loss and reclamation of his Lab, Scout. But I must ask a volatile question—volatile certainly in Texas: How do people take joy in killing fowl or mammalian life? I understand the joy in watching one’s dog “do her thing,” and I understand there are much worse ways for animals to die than to be suddenly shot out of the air or, in the case of whitetail deer, intent on following the scent of a doe. But joy in killing? Satisfaction? Sorry, this native Texan doesn’t get it; in fact, she thinks it’s rather sick when one analyzes it. And taking one’s children along to expose them to the joy?

No . . . no.

Elizabeth Roth, Central Texas Electric Cooperative

I want to compliment the staff of Texas Co-op Power on the quality magazine put out each month. I particularly enjoyed December’s issue but always find something informative in each issue … nice to enjoy with a relaxing cup of coffee.

Jeanne Mumau, Pedernales Electric Cooperative