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For Electric Cooperative Members
February 2017 Letters

TCP Talk

Letters and comments from our readers

Wyatt McSpadden

See for Yourself

The article on the Terlingua Creek watershed was really interesting [Stepping Into the Same Stream Twice, December 2016]. After reading it, I looked up Terlingua Creek on Google Earth and followed it from its confluence with the Rio Grande upstream to the point where the willow poles were planted. The diamond-shaped planting areas can be seen! How exciting!

Susan Brown | Murphy
Farmers EC

Miller on the Big Screen

In your December 2016 issue, you have an interesting article about Doris Miller and his heroism at Pearl Harbor [Currents, Texan’s Heroics at Pearl Harbor]. But you neglected to say that he was depicted by Cuba Gooding Jr. in the movie Pearl Harbor. Just thought it would have enhanced the piece.

Steve Nichols | Terrell

Galveston Immigration

As a staff member at Historic Mesquite, I was overjoyed to see the photo with Galveston’s Immigration Station [December 2016]. Dr. John Hicks Florence, the health officer at the time, is one of the gentlemen on the porch of the quarantine station, and his family is standing below. The Florences were very prominent in Mesquite, and Historic Mesquite has a copy of this photo. Dr. Florence also worked at the first Parkland Hospital in Dallas.

Charlene Orr | Kaufman
Trinity Valley EC

I appreciated the article and seeing the picture where my grandmother, Annie Harelik Novit, and her infant daughter, Fanny, were quarantined in 1909 because Fanny had the measles. After a few days, they were able to join Annie’s husband, Velvel, who had arrived in America earlier and settled in Fort Worth. They came from Russia via Bremen, Germany.

This photo adds to our memorabilia of family members arriving with the Galveston Movement, which brought 10,000 Jews from Eastern Europe to America during 1907–1914.

Jan Siegel Hart | Temple
Bluebonnet EC

Do you know if there are records of the immigrants who came through Galveston in the late 1800s? My grandparents came from Italy, and I would like to research this if there is information available.

Sam Altimore | Fair Oaks Ranch
Pedernales EC

Writer Martha Deeringer replies: The Galveston Historical Foundation maintains an immigration database. You can access it at under the Attractions tab.

One Classy Lady

Pete Laney was our representative, and our family knew him and Nelda [The Capitol Ornament Lady, November 2016]. We enjoyed your article about her and the Capitol ornaments. She was one classy lady.

Joy Allen
South Plains EC

First Responders

The talk is about linemen throughout the October 2016 issue [Line of Duty, Texas Lineman’s Rodeo]. I never considered them as first responders, but as I read the articles, I realize they are—very important first responders, I should add.

I just want to say a big thank-you to the first responders at all the co-ops in Texas.

Anna Blythe | Weimar
Fayette EC