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For Electric Cooperative Members
February 2018 Letters

TCP Talk

Letters and comments from our readers

Hanging With John

What a surprise to read your story [John the Baptist, December 2017] that sparked memories of a special time and place from my past.

As kids back in the late 1950s, my friends and I lived near and often visited the woods where John left his notes with Bible scriptures. We always referred to him as Crazy John.

We met him only once and visited for about a half-hour. He seemed like a normal guy, although definitely a hermit. John had a small campfire going and was drinking coffee from a tin cup. I remember him being unshaven and with dark, piercing eyes.

John Simmons | Streetman
Navarro County EC

Pop and Spike on Purpose

What a heartwarming story [Pop and Spike, December 2017]. It gives me hope that I, too, will find purpose in my retirement years. God bless Spike and Pop. I hope they have many happy, joyful and purposeful years together.

Barbara Stohler via Facebook

We all need a purpose. I think it’s a benefit of living. And Mama’s probably looking on, being happy as well.

Kathleen Davis | Nacogdoches
Deep East Texas EC

Head of the Table

The Cornsilk Pudding Pie [Recipes, November 2017] was the hands-down favorite on our Thanksgiving table!

Joy Miller via Facebook | Cibolo
Guadalupe Valley EC

Helping Veterans

We learned so much about the Gary Sinise Foundation [Welcome Home, November 2017] and its work with other charitable organizations and corporations in providing individualized, adapted, mortgage-free homes for wounded veterans. It was an inspiring article.

Sarah Metschan | Austin
Pedernales EC

OK With Us

Let me preface this by stating that I dislike all things Texas—geography, teams, towns, etc. About a year back, Southwest Rural Electric Cooperative [based in Tipton, Oklahoma, with some members in Texas] started sending us Texas Co-op Power in addition to Oklahoma Living. On accident, I opened it and read a couple of things and enjoyed them, so I ended up reading the entire magazine.

Well, I read Texas Co-op Power cover to cover the first day it arrives. It’s very well-written and contains interesting topics. You folks produce a great magazine.

I wonder, though, could you maybe change the name to just Co-op Power?

Luke D. Jessup | Snyder, Oklahoma
Southwest Rural EC

Hearty Buffalo

After reading the plight of the American bison in Buffalo Bilked [November 2017], I was immediately struck with how long it must have taken to sail from Texas to Spain in the late 1700s.

Using, I was able to determine the distance by sea between Corpus Christi and Cadiz, Spain—approximately 4,800 miles. Sailing ships of that time could barely make 100 miles a day.

I’m astonished that the one wild female buffalo survived not only capture and the overland drive from La Bahia but also the arduous sea voyage, suspended in a leather harness in the dark cargo hold of a Spanish ship for nearly 57 days.

Mike Hardaway | McKinney