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For Electric Cooperative Members
February 2009 Letters

TCP Talk

Letters and comments from our readers

TSD Story on Target
On behalf of the Texas Association of the Deaf, I would like to compliment you for publishing “Texas School for the Deaf: Building Bridges” in the October 2008 issue. What makes the write-up very unique, though not surprising, is the fact that Nick Wilhite found his cultural identity in less than two years while he struggled most of his educational life. His self-esteem shot through the roof while he made a name for himself at TSD.

Unlike most articles I have read in the past, your writer, Camille Wheeler, did her homework. Not least, Will van Overbeek did an excellent job of complementing the feature with dramatic photos while doing justice to deaf culture.

Steve C. Baldwin, President, Texas Association of the Deaf

Heartening Cooperation on Caddo Lake
Thank you so much for your November 2008 article on Caddo Lake and the efforts being made there and elsewhere to eradicate invasive giant salvinia. I found it most informative and appreciate you making us all aware of the problem. I also found it heartening that neighbors and communities are working together.

Nancy Corley, Parker

Editor’s note: Photographs for “A Healing Journey” in the December 2008 issue should have been credited to John Scheiber.