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February 2014 Letters

TCP Talk

Letters and comments from our readers

Brad Doherty

Running Circles Around the Science World

I enjoyed “Waxahachie Washout” [December 2013] about the Superconducting Super Collider that was slated to circle Waxahachie.

I was the Ennis Chamber of Commerce executive director when Congressman Joe Barton came into my office to say that Ellis County had a shot at getting the multibillion-dollar project. I immediately started researching exactly what the project would be. My son was in high school and worked as an electrician’s helper on the project. I still have a Collider windbreaker and wear it often.

I truly believe that if George Herbert Walker Bush had been re-elected, the project would have been completed, and Texas and the world would have benefited from scientific discoveries rivaling NASA.

Joe D. Newman | Bastrop County

Czech Tradition

How We Make Our Spirits Bright” [December 2013] brought back so many memories of growing up in a Czech family. I remember my dad telling us about St. Nick coming to our house that December night, accompanied by the devil with those rattling chains.

I have heard that story many times over, but it was wonderful to read about that Czech tradition once again.

Barb Schroeder | Fayette EC

Familiar Taste

I was so happy to see the recipe for Early Texas Pecan Pralines in the November issue because it seemed like the same recipe that my mother used when we lived in Freer in the 1950s.

She would make an excursion to Laredo and come back with big sacks of shelled pecans and make big batches of these sugary, grainy pralines. So early this morning, setting aside anything else I had to do, I made them. Unfortunately, I didn’t cook them long enough, and they are kind of runny. But they taste just like Mama’s.

What a shame. Since they are not perfect, I will have to eat all of these myself and make another batch tomorrow.

Bettie Cashion | Picayune, Mississippi

Winning Recipe

I find it disturbing that, at a time when obesity and diabetes are rampant, you would choose to feature a recipe containing 25.2 grams of fat, 86.1 grams of carbohydrates and 1,664 mg of sodium per serving. The 2013 Holiday Recipe Contest-winning recipe [December 2013] is pretty much a nutritional nightmare.

You owe it to your readers to try to do better.

Genie McLelland | Nueces EC

Port of Houston

My husband, Ben Campbell, age 90, remembers Mayor Ben Campbell, who was mayor when the Houston Ship Channel opened in 1914 [“Houston’s Sea Change,” November 2013]. He was Ben’s grandfather’s first cousin, and it was his grandfather who influenced him to “read law.” In turn, Mayor Ben Campbell made sure his grandfather, who fought in the Civil War at Galveston, was taken care of in his later years.

Andrea Campbell | Heart of Texas EC

Litter Everywhere

Litter and its bugs seem to be everywhere [“Less Mess in Texas,” November 2013]. My 7-year-old grandson and I pick up trash along our road often. It’s very sad that folks just throw out their cans, bottles, to-go food stuff, even a cellphone once.

Wilma Meissner | United Cooperative Services

Camp Verde

After reading the Hit the Road about Camp Verde [November 2013], we decided to go there and check it out. We were aware that the Army had tried using camels as pack animals at forts in West Texas but did not know about Camp Verde and the part it played.

We spent a very pleasant afternoon there looking over the grounds, shopping the general store and having a wonderful lunch. Well worth the trip.

Pat and Wally Walters | Austin

Ghost Towns

Old Haunts” [October 2013] brought back memories of my childhood in the 1930s through the 1950s, when I grew up in East Texas sawmill towns. My father was a bookkeeper for several mills, and we moved every few years.

I was born in Camden (Polk County), where almost every trace of the town has disappeared. We moved to Honey Island (Hardin County), where the entire town was removed and trees were planted for a new forest. Then we moved to Voth (Jefferson County), where the town was removed. Lastly we moved to Bessmay (Jasper County), and again the town was removed and a new forest was planted.

From there I left for the service and never lived in East Texas again.

Charles Leggett | Victoria EC