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For Electric Cooperative Members
For Electric Cooperative Members
January 2008 Letters

TCP Talk

Letters and comments from our readers

Too Much of a Good Thing?
Your delightful little magazine, Texas Co-op Power, is just great. I am lucky enough to receive two copies, one from Pedernales and one from Karnes. I share the second copy with my friends.

Jean S. Fuller, Goliad, Pedernales and Karnes Electric Co-ops

EDITOR’S NOTE: Occasionally, we hear from folks who get multiple copies of Texas Co-op Power and want to know how to eliminate duplicate mailings.

If you receive two or more copies of Texas Co-op Power, it could be because you have meters on more than one co-op line. If you have a home in one co-op service area and a ranch or farm in another, you will receive a magazine from each co-op with individual and customized pages the co-op uses to communicate with its members. This is how you receive news of annual meetings, rate changes or other important information. After reading the co-op’s pages, you might consider forwarding your extra copy to an out-of-state friend or relative homesick for Texas, or include it with a package going overseas to members serving in the armed forces.

If you belong to only one co-op and you receive duplicate copies, please call and notify your co-op’s Member Services representative.

We strive to observe every efficiency in delivering Texas Co-op Power to your mailbox.