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For Electric Cooperative Members
January 2019 Letters

TCP Talk

Letters and comments from our readers

Service to Country

I was touched by Circle of Life. My dad served in World War II on a destroyer in three theaters of the war—Atlantic, Pacific and Mediterranean. My two older brothers served in the Army, one in Korea and the other in peacetime Germany. My youngest brother was in the Air Force in peacetime. I had several uncles who also served in various branches during World War II. All served because they loved this country.

Joan Philbin | Alvarado
United Cooperative Services

The Need for Charity

The November issue was waiting for me when I returned from my latest trip to Haiti, where I teach disaster-resistant home construction. One of the letters [On Matters of Aid] concerning a $35,000 donation to Bolivian rural electrification ended: “Charity begins at home.”

Yes, take care of your family, but charity should begin where there is a need. I have regularly worked with people in Haiti who eat one meal every two to three days, but I have never found that level of need in the U.S.

Herb Nordmeyer | Castroville
Medina EC

Hitched to a Fable?

Whoa, pardner. Clay Coppedge is galloping us down a false trail. Bass Reeves, Lawman Extraordinaire [October 2017] leads us to think Reeves is the Lone Ranger prototype. But don’t drink that water, cowboy.

The basis for the Lone Ranger is Capt. John Hughes of the Texas Rangers. Author Zane Grey dedicated his novel Lone Star Ranger to Hughes and the Rangers.

Lawrence E. Smith | Bandera
Bandera EC

The end of the article stated, “He died in 1910, but, oddly, no one knows where he’s buried.”

A quick search of finds that he is buried in Oklahoma. I think it only fitting that people know where he is buried so that we can honor his memory as a true American hero who helped tame our Wild West.

Ruth Majors | Palestine
Trinity Valley EC

I really enjoy the historical articles in your magazine. While reading the one about Bass Reeves, I could imagine only one person on the whole planet to play Reeves in a Hollywood movie: Denzel Washington. What a great movie that would be.

Tony Prettenhofer | Aubrey

Writer Clay Coppedge responds: Washington would be a good choice, but Morgan Freeman has held the rights to the Bass Reeves story for some time. Rumor has it that a script is underway, but the project is on hold.