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January 2014 Letters

TCP Talk

Letters and comments from our readers

Rick Patrick

Chicken on Sunday

What a wonderful story by Betty Calcote [“When the Preacher Came to Visit,” November 2013]. I remember shooting yard chickens with a .22 (flopping and all) and Sunday dinners on a farm/ranch in Mathis.

Fried chicken in the big city (Corpus Christi) was at a friend’s house every Sunday, and I always hoped I’d get an invitation after church.

Phil Albin | Rockport


Suzanne Haberman’s article “Old Haunts” [October 2013] made me go back to my youth in the East Texas town of Talco. Though small, Talco was a thriving oil-field town with a beautiful school building in the shape of a T. Now the school lies abandoned. It should be listed as a historic site.

Mike Haynes | Judsonia, Arkansas

Changes in Farming

I was born in Floyd County in 1934, and was raised and lived on a farm there until 1966, when I pulled my family up and moved to Hurst.

A few days before I received my October 2013 Texas Co-op Power, my son and I were checking out the farming operations southwest of Floydada, my old stomping grounds. I told my son that I wondered how the farmers made their rows in a circle so the sprinkler systems could water the cotton without messing up the rows when in operation. The article on the Smith family operation [“Where Cotton Doesn’t Shrink”] explained that in detail, and now I know. My, how farming has changed through the years.

We received our first electricity in 1950 when I was 16, and the provider was the Rural Electrification Association, and you can bet that was the best thing we had ever witnessed.

Roy Teague | United Cooperative Services

Mayoral Correction

I enjoyed the article “Freddy Fender: A Man for All Seasons” [November 2013]. “The Milagro Beanfield War” is one of my favorite movies. However, Freddy’s role in the movie was as the mayor of Milagro—not the sheriff, as stated in the caption.

Sharon Johnson | Hereford

Game Day Excitement

Editor’s note: Because of the fervor over college football in Texas, we knew the September 2013 feature “More Than a Game” would excite readers. So did a barbed letter we received in response [“Game Day,” November 2013]. Some Texas Tech fans took exception to comments published in our Letters section. Here’s a sampling of responses:

As a Texas Tech alum … I am all too familiar with tacky comments about my school. Most of these comments are not intended to be hurtful, but sometimes they cross the line. All the more reason to be disappointed by the publication of such disparaging comments from one of your readers.

Sam Whitehead | Pedernales EC

As a proud Texas Tech alumnus, the last thing I want to read … is the slanted viewpoint of an overzealous Longhorn supporter. You owe all Texas Tech alumni a formal apology.

William Bulham | CoServ Electric

We are entitled to our opinions, especially when it involves a sports rivalry, but publishing such comments is unacceptable in a magazine designed to reach a broad base.

Scott Crowe | Pedernales EC

It was disappointing to see that little rant printed in Texas Co-op Power.

Scott Hutchens | Deep East Texas EC

The reaction … is not unexpected … but it is unexpected to be published in Texas Co-op Power, which should appeal to all Texans.

Leland Turner | Pedernales EC