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For Electric Cooperative Members
July 2007 Letters

TCP Talk

Letters and comments from our readers

Minnie Lou Is My Hero
Minnie Lou Bradley [May 2007]—what a wonderful life. My life dream is to raise cattle, but my life events have lead to running a $150M company.

Although my life is a success, I will always yearn to walk in Minnie Lou’s shoes. She is a true pioneer in an all-too-modern world. I know not many women share my dream, but Minnie knows the contentment from a lifetime of hard work and dedication to the land. It has rewarded her richly. Thank you for your story.

Cristi Cannon, CoServ

All It Needs Is Wings
We enjoyed reading the article on the hummingbirds (“Hummingbirds: Those Magnificent Flying Machines,” March 2007) and count ourselves lucky to have several varieties humming around us, enough to keep 10 feeders active. But we’ve bet you’ve never seen a hummingbird like ours!

Other than feeding at night, there’s not too much different about him. And we wondered why our feeder was dry every morning.

Nancy and Greg Stuart, Pedernales Electric Cooperative