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For Electric Cooperative Members
For Electric Cooperative Members
July 2015 Letters

TCP Talk

Letters and comments from our readers

Jo Ann Santangelo

Safe Wildlife Adoptions

The March photography contest winners included two photographs of fawns being treated as pets [Focus on Texas: “Furry Friends,” March 2015].

Mother deer usually leave their fawns hidden and go off to feed. If you find a fawn by itself, leave it alone unless it looks cold, hungry, injured or is in danger of attack by dogs, cats or people. The mother will return if no people or pets are present. If fire ants are around, on or under the fawn, it needs to be rescued since the fawn will not move—even when attacked by ants.

Please call your local game warden to obtain the name of the closest wildlife rehabilitation group in your area to assist you with a rescue.

Lydia Clemons | Montgomery County
Texas Permitted Wildlife Rehabilitator

Feed Sacks Redux

We thoroughly enjoyed Juddi Morris’ article on fashioning garments and linens out of old feed sacks [“Feeding Their Fashion Sense,” February 2015]. I’ve heard my neighbor, Bob Davis, talk about his mother doing just that when he was growing up in Uvalde back in the ’30s and ’40s.

Even though the article says that “by the 1950s, manufacturers started constructing their sacks from … other materials,” there is still a use for new feed sacks. Kay Ohrt, a Victoria Electric Cooperative member along with her husband, Dean, makes reusable bags from today’s feed sacks. I work with Dean at Citizens Medical Center in Victoria, and he introduced us to Kay’s handiwork.

My wife has one bag made from a birdseed sack with bright, colorful parrots across the front. I carry one in my truck that is from a sack of cubes. It has a picture of some hungry Angus cows on the front.

Robbie and Cindy Kirk | Cuero and Port O’Connor
Guadalupe Valley EC and Victoria EC

Austin, Not San Antonio

A note to correct the Texas hometown of my grandfather, wood sculptor Peter Mansbendel [“Quinta Mazatlan: Mother Nature’s Mansion,” May 2015]. In San Antonio, Peter carved the doors of the San Jose Mission and Spanish Governor’s Palace, but he didn’t live there. His birthplace was Basel, Switzerland, but around 1910, he chose Austin as his home. Talented AND smart!

Valerie Brown | Nocona
Cooke County EC

Loving Goodnight-Loving

Like Willie Nelson, “my heroes have always been cowboys,” and up until this fine story [“The Goodnight-Loving Trail,” March 2015], McCrae and Call were the last to enter my life.

Norris Prejean | Hemphill

Last Summer’s Trip

Your introduction to counties around Texas was refreshing [“Darting Around Texas,” July 2014]. I was especially delighted with Hemphill County because during high school and my freshman year at Trinity University, I was friends with Malouf Abraham Jr. and years later met his charming wife, Therese. Their gift of The Citadelle is so in character for this outstanding family.

Rose Smith Hall | Kerrville
Bandera EC