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July 2016 Letters

TCP Talk

Letters and comments from our readers

Grammatical Blueprints

I can echo the letter writer’s assessment of her grammar background based on my education in the San Augustine Independent School District in the 1950s [Chalk It Up to Good Grammar, Letters, May 2016]. Mrs. Ann Kathryn Holbrook and our other English teachers taught diagramming. I still picture a sentence on a mental diagram.

We graduates had a sound basis for college English grammar. Thanks to our dedicated teachers who taught the fundamentals in all courses.

Cynthia C. Welch | Tyler
Houston County EC

Cover Story

I kept waiting for your writer to mention a hat being worn by someone who wasn’t a cowpuncher, Western star or fashionista [Cowboy Hatters, April 2016]. I submit that in Texas’ fine heritage, it is much more likely that a hatmaker would have served or will serve a plowboy rather than a cowboy.

Paul Lawrence | Dayton
Sam Houston EC

Something I’d like to know more about is how the style of hats and creases varies from one part of the state to another. Traveling across Texas, even a city boy like me can see the difference.

Jeff Carmack | Austin

Alvin’s Deluge

I grew up in Alvin, and my parents were still living there when the flood struck [Alvin’s Deluge: It Reigns, October 2015]. I was living in Conroe and talked with them several times in those first hours. The next day I could not reach them by phone.

My son and I packed my Suburban with emergency supplies. About 3 miles from Alvin, we were stopped by high water, as were several other cars. In a few minutes, a large truck came along. The driver said he would “pull” us through the high water. There were six vehicles, and we were told to keep our motors running—we would not stop. The water was about 2 1/2 feet deep, but the truck pushed a wall of water about 4 feet high.

Your story was a strong reminder of what can happen.

John Burge | Conroe
Sam Houston EC

Editor’s note: This letter tells a unique story, but readers should remember that water over the road is always dangerous and should be avoided. Better to heed the warning: “Turn around, don’t drown.”

A Matter of Time

Any of us can have selfish reasons for wanting daylight at a certain time of the day [Daylight Saving Time, Letters, May 2016]. We need to step away from our own wants and do what is best for Texans. Opting out of DST is the only option that ends time changes and offers safety for school children.

Martha S. Habluetzel | Ingleside

By the time I get acclimated, it’s time to change again. Farmers work sunup to sundown, so the only reason for the change is so people in California can play longer. Keep the same time, and the world will be better off.

Wanda G. Erickson | Anton
Lamb County EC

Border Memories

I remember well listening late at night to the border radio station from Del Rio and the advertisements for baby chicks [Border Radio, March 2016]. Great country music was played every night.

Lila B. Davis | Lake Kiowa
Cooke County EC

Wildlife Welfare

What do birdwatchers and wildlife observers do to contribute to animal welfare [Preserving Wildlife, Letters, March 2016]? Many of us spend lots of money, time and effort building ponds and smaller watering spots. We maintain native vegetation; provide wild bird food, feeders and housing; and keep acreage wild for habitat.

The payoff? In 26 years, I’ve seen everything from bobcats to beavers, bald eagles and ivory bills.

Sandra Bone | Alto
Cherokee County EC