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For Electric Cooperative Members
July 2017 Letters

TCP Talk

Letters and comments from our readers

Bandera Co-op Pioneer

My grandfather, Thomas P. Grant, volunteered to participate in the first officers training camp at Leon Springs from May 8 to August 15, 1917 [90-Day Wonders, May 2017]. He was commissioned as a lieutenant after completion of training. At the time, he was an ordained Presbyterian minister from Brady. He served as a chaplain in World War I and was wounded in combat.

He eventually settled in Tarpley and was instrumental in the founding of Bandera Electric Cooperative in 1938, serving as one of the first directors.

Tom Grant | Jonestown
Pedernales EC

Red-Letter Devotion

I enjoyed reading about Nancy Johnson, who makes red hats for babies [Open Hearts, February 2017]. How do I reach her organization? I would love to contribute hats.

Harlene Mercy | Frisco

Editor’s note: To find out how to help the cause, visit, or contact Nancy Johnson at (325) 226-3659 or [email protected].

Out of the Blue

What a pleasant surprise to see a name familiar to my boyhood of the 1940s [Aisles of Blue, April 2017]. I lived near blueberry farmer Albert Moorhead. I remember great dinners at the homeplace and going home well-supplied with fresh pork and produce.

Bill Wright | Edgewood
Trinity Valley EC

True-Blue Servants

Just wanted to express our appreciation for the linemen who come out at all hours to get our power back on [Much Appreciated, April 2017]. When it’s too wet to get their trucks in, I’ve seen them spike their way up a pole and spend hours in all weather working on the problem. Could not ask for better service.

William Hill | Freestone County
Navarro County EC

Haunting Memories

My wife and I visited New London in February [The New London School Explosion, January 2017]. The museum is outstanding for a history buff. The whole town gave me a haunted feeling. It interested me that Adolf Hitler sent a letter of condolence to the town.

Billy Hanks | Dale
Bluebonnet EC

So Far By Car

The best and truest rhyme about Texas may well be the one my dad used to recite [There Once Was a Rhyme About Texas, May 2017]:

The sun has riz,
The sun has set,
And we ain’t left Texas yet.

Takes me a hard 12-hour drive to reach Amarillo on our way to visit our grandkids in Colorado.

Jim Evans | Port Lavaca
Victoria EC

Old Magnolia

We really enjoyed the article on Old Magnolia [Trinity Thumbprint, February 2017]. We have lived in the area for a while and discovered the defunct town on our own while exploring.

Breanna and Kenneth Smith | Henderson County
Trinity Valley EC

Words of Wisdom

My great-grandson, J.T., age 7, is very interested in learning from your safety- and weather-related tips. I feel he is acquiring valuable life lessons, and even I am still learning.

Jean Schwecke | Carmine
Fayette EC