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July 2018 Letters

TCP Talk

Letters and comments from our readers

Habitat Destruction

I am involved in a problem with my subdivision regarding the destruction of our native Texas plants [Naturally Protective, May 2018]. Our early spring roadside flowers have been mowed down when they’ve barely managed to emerge. I’ve made a list of 15 Texas flowers that have disappeared in the past 30 years I’ve lived here, mainly because of habitat destruction and untimely mowing.

Dee Whitney | Fairmount
Jasper-Newton EC

Flying Roosevelt Over the Hump

My mother had a cousin, Hiram Broiles, who also was a pilot in the U.S. Army Air Corps in World War II [Roosevelt’s Flight, Letters, March 2018]. He flew from China over the “hump,” the Himalayas, south. On one of those flights, he had President Franklin D. Roosevelt on board.

John Waggoman | Bandera
Bandera EC

So Many Teammates

Thursday Night Lights [February 2018] reminded me of a funny, true story. When I played football for the Crosby Buffaloes, we played our home games on Friday nights, and the local black school, Charles R. Drew, played its home games on Thursday nights. It was understood that if you played for either team, you would get into the other team’s games free.

When a group of friends and I, all football players, told the man at the gate that we played for Crosby, he said, “Lord, you boys got a big team this year; I bet I’ve let at least 100 of your teammates in already.” We never had more than 25–30 on the team.

Tommy Leissner | New Braunfels
Pedernales EC

A Cookie Love Story

My mom, Kay Kinn, is a farm girl and a great cook. She has made wonderful chocolate chip cookies my entire 53-year-old life. So when Texas Co-op Power shared a recipe for Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookies [Recipes, February 2018] and I asked Mom to make them, well, she was skeptical, to say the least.

But she made them, made them again and then again for family, friends and neighbors. These cookies taste great, and anyone who likes peanut butter and chocolate will love them. But my mom, not to be outdone, has made the recipe a little better, in my opinion: She adds a shake of salt on top of them after baking.

Scott Wieser | Buda
Pedernales EC

Classroom Tool

I use Texas Co-op Power in my classroom every month. I love the Texas History stories and general Texas tidbits throughout, but I have even used articles like the linemen story [Line of Duty, October 2016] in my career class and as an example of feature writing to my writing class.

My students get so excited when something they’ve learned in the classroom comes alive in an article.

Laura Sides | Wortham Junior High
Navasota Valley EC

Clearing the Air

Oklahoma is my home state, but the six years I have lived here has made me appreciate our southern neighbor even more. Being this much closer to the Gulf, I also have loved the clouds that the atmosphere brings to beautiful Texas.

Jo Ann Lowrance | Northlake