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For Electric Cooperative Members
July 2008 Letters

TCP Talk

Letters and comments from our readers

Willie Story Leaves Him Cold
You let Joe Nick Patoski write a boring, one-sided piece on Willie Nelson’s visit to his hometown and the Abbott Methodist Church (“The Gospel According to Willie,” May 2008), but it doesn’t tell about Willie, the man, or his feelings about life or anything else for that matter. And the reference to “the putrid skunk aroma” of Willie weed coming from the bus was totally inappropriate in such an article.

Chris Burnett

Hooray for Heat Pumps
There is legislation in Congress to outlaw the resistance electric light bulb and require use of fluorescent bulbs. But if you are going to save energy, you have to go to the heat pump. Congress should require every new house that is going to use electricity for heat to be built with heat pumps. Property owners should be required to notify their tenants about the source of heat used in their buildings.

John D. Bennett, Pedernales Electric Cooperative

No Wolves, Just Coyotes
I am pleased to see your announcement about Mineola Nature Preserve on the Sabine River in the April issue. However, there is one error in the article. Unfortunately, there are no longer any wild wolves in East Texas, but coyotes are common.

Ray C. Telfair II, Certified Wildlife Biologist, Cherokee County Electric Cooperative

‘Run Like a Rabbit!’
Your article, “A Permanent Memory,” in the April issue was a blast!

My mother gave all our neighbors perms, but when it came my turn every six months, she was so afraid that she might damage my short, thin hair. Once, she accidentally dropped the glass bottle of neutralizer. In those days, moms didn’t drive, so she yelled for my brother, Don, to “run like a rabbit” to the store and buy a new permanent kit. Until he returned, she held my head under the kitchen faucet. Everything turned out fine.

Love your magazine.

Joanne Covey, Pedernales Electric Cooperative

Mesquite Makes Music
I can’t help but respond to the letter in June from Guy Matthews saying, “mesquite wood’s most useful purpose is its embers, which flavor Texas barbecue …”

Maybe mesquite’s purpose of flavoring Texas MUSIC has not been considered before turning it to embers! I’ve been building guitars out of mesquite for about 10 years. It has proven to be a great sounding tonewood, not to mention its natural beauty and durability.

Vince Pawless, Cooke County Electric Cooperative