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For Electric Cooperative Members
June 2015 Letters

TCP Talk

Letters and comments from our readers

Laura Jenkins

Another Feed Sack Story

If you have space for one more feed sack garment story [“Feeding Their Fashion Sense,” February 2015], here is my favorite. My grandfather was blind, and my grandmother made his boxer underwear from feed sacks. One day, while hanging the wash, I laughed because she had made him two pair of shorts of feed sacks with huge strawberries. She told me if I ever told him, she would not let me come stay with her again.

I kept that secret from Grandpa for the rest of his life.

Mary Semlinger | Castroville
Medina EC

Respect for CFLs

With regard to Don Dieu’s letter about experiencing early failures of compact fluorescent lightbulbs [“Incandescents vs. CFLs,” March 2015]:

We’ve been using CFL bulbs at our house since they came on the market. They are in use in most every lamp and fixture we have. Any failed incandescents are replaced with CFLs. In all this time, there has only been one CFL failure. Some were replaced for different lighting needs. No particular brand or manufacturer is in use, although many are from Walmart and Alco. Consumer Reports cites brands from Home Depot as a “best buy” source.

I would suggest that Mr. Dieu have his electric supply tested for surges and spikes caused by heavy loads from nearby equipment being switched on and off.

Chuck Carpenter | Point
Farmers EC

Prause’s Address? Memory Lane

I just read the great article about Prause Meat Market in La Grange in the March 2015 issue. I remember so well this wonderful place where we ate lunch on Saturdays while shopping in La Grange.

The succulent barbecue was served on a piece of brown butcher paper along with two slices of very fresh white bread. We always had the brisket and sausage—so very delicious. I can still smell the wonderful, smoky barbecue aroma.

Nell Maeckel Schmidt | Devine
Medina EC

Goodnight’s Legacy

I was so excited to see the feature about the Goodnight-Loving Trail [March 2015]. It looks like the picture you used was made before our restoration was complete. I have some pictures of the house, the visitor center, the buffalo and our grounds after it was completed that we’d love to share with you. Also, I wanted to let you know that we recently erected a replica of Goodnight’s dugout on the grounds of the Charles Goodnight Historical Center. A local Boy Scout troop completed the project.

Amy Lovell | Armstrong County Museum
Greenbelt EC

In “The Goodnight-Loving Trail,” the writer states, “Charles Goodnight was born March 5, 1836 … just three days after Texas achieved independence.” Texas did not achieve its independence on March 2. Texas declared its independence on that date.

Independence was not achieved until the defeat of Gen. Antonio López de Santa Anna’s troops at the Battle of San Jacinto on April 21, 1836.

Edwin Plummer Jr. | Limestone County
Navasota Valley EC

Lindbergh’s Welder

I just read “Unlucky Lindy” [February 2015]. My late father worked on Lindbergh’s Spirit of Saint Louis. My dad worked for Claude Ryan at Ryan Aircraft in San Diego in the late 1920s. He was a young welder and contributed his skills making spare fuel tanks.

The crew knew very little about who or what the plane was for, as Lindbergh wanted. It wasn’t until they all saw Lindy himself at the factory halfway into the project did they realize what was going on. My dad and his friends didn’t think the plane would get off the ground because of the fuel weight. The wheel bearings had to be upgraded so they could take such a load.

Jerry Bell | Livingston
Sam Houston EC

Is It a Roundabout?

Clay Coppedge’s article “Breakdown on the Tahoka Circle” in the April 2015 issue brought back memories of living around Lubbock. When we moved to Dubai in 1976, what did we find? Traffic circles! Although they called them “roundabouts,” we felt right at home and constantly scared to death.

Phyllis Brown | Sulfur Springs
Former Farmers EC member