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For Electric Cooperative Members
June 2018 Letters

TCP Talk

Letters and comments from our readers

Chain of Command?

If, as you write, Navy Adm. Chester Nimitz of Fredericksburg “commanded all land and sea forces in the Pacific” during World War II, then what was Army Gen. Douglas MacArthur doing? [Painting the Heavens Blue, Currents, April 2018]

Louis Lee Jurika | Buda
Pedernales EC

Another Evil Plant

I don’t know why bull nettle isn’t named after the devil because it comes straight from hell! [What the Devil?, March 2018]

Les Meads | Stockdale
Guadalupe Valley EC

Long Time Coming

At Pedernales EC, we currently have two female lineworkers who are an important part of our team [Women at Work, Currents, March 2018]. It has been a long time coming since people like Rosa Vasquez, my mother, helped pave the way for women in the industry. In April 2017, my mother became the first female lineworker inducted into the International Lineman’s Hall of Fame. As a lineman and her son, I am very proud of her accomplishments.

The lineworkers, men and women, are the backbone of America.

James Vasquez, Technical Training Manager | Johnson City
Pedernales EC

Finding Books

Following your feature on out-of-the-way bookstores [Blue Highway Literature, June 2017], I arrived at Booked Up in Archer City on a Monday. The front door was decorated with a sign: “By appointment Mon.–Wed., from 1 to 5 Thur.–Sat.” At Recycled Books, Records & CDs in Denton, my luck was in. I found some nice copies of Andre Norton I was missing. Gladewater Books added a Giles and a Costain.

Gerald Stephens | Shelbyville
Deep East Texas EC


Appreciating Prairie Dogs

Read High Plains Sentinel [December 2017] and have known prairie dogs are a threatened Texas treasure. In New Mexico, they have prairie dog towns along their busy city streets. Amazing to see them scurrying around and popping their heads out of their tunnels. They can survive in Texas if we work with them in their habitats.

Cindy Barnett via Facebook | Flower Mound

Malakoff Man

I have an anthropology degree. I knew that there were three of these heads but had no idea that they were finally all together in one display a short drive away [Saving Face in Malakoff, November 2017]. I look at the Pearce Museum as an underappreciated asset and a well-kept secret considering the quality of the exhibits.

After viewing the faces, it is obvious to me that they are not naturally occurring, nor were they carved in historic times as some have postulated. These heads are oddities not unlike some other past finds that don’t fit so neatly into the archaeological record as we understand it but are, nevertheless, there to make us think about it.

Ed Dolzel | Marlin
Navasota Valley EC