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June 2020 Letters

TCP Talk

Letters and comments from our readers

Love and Recoiling

I know this article [A Snake To Love, April 2020] is full of truth and facts, but I’m not reading it.

I don’t care what kind it is or how beneficial—my (somewhat) reasonable mind just hates them.

Lisa Flowerree Bigon | Via Facebook

I hate snakes, but if they’re moving away from me, I let them go.

Jane Talcott | Via Facebook

Last summer, one was in my kitchen a foot from where I was standing while I investigated the weird noise that sounded like water running or static. I finally glanced under the counter, screamed and ran. My husband put him in a trash can and released him far away.

Suzanne Roth Fulton | Via Facebook

I’ve learned to respect and give them their space. A rattler will warn you before it strikes out of self-defense. A human snake will strike without warning out of pure malice.

Jon Runnells | Via Facebook

They will bite horses, cows, dogs, you name it. They are kind of like reptile land mines.

Sam Yeates | Via Facebook

The rattler is one of Mother Nature’s mistakes. A rattler can kill creatures, including humans, that it cannot eat.

Donald Dietz | Boerne
Bandera EC

Growing up in Louisiana, in my youth I dispatched poisonous snakes, usually water moccasins. As I aged, I began to see my actions as those of a person ignorant of the ecosystem. Now, I make amends for the sins of my youth by teaching my children (5 and 9) these lessons, without any animals being harmed.

You also might be pleased to know that your article has turned into a science lesson for my children while they home-school during the shelter-in-place policy of March and April.

Lorne Davison | Cedar Park
Pedernales EC

Mike Leggett repeats a dangerous myth that I have heard all my life and have been guilty of spreading myself.

I am a physician and have been involved in the treatment of coral snake bites. The stories told me by the victims caused me to research the capabilities of these small reptiles beyond what is “common knowledge.” These beautiful little guys, while shy and nonaggressive, can bite you and envenomate you in less than a heartbeat. No chewing required.

Bill Clark | Georgetown
Bartlett EC

Recipes to the Rescue

The Zucchini Taco Boats With Chicken was an excellent recipe [Farmers Market, April 2020]. It was easy to make and made a lot. We had enough to share with our next-door neighbors.

I appreciate these easy recipes during the COVID-19 threat. We had everything we needed to make a delicious meal during these tough times.

Al Magness | Austin
Pedernales EC