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June 2009 Letters

TCP Talk

Letters and comments from our readers

Pottery Abounds
In your April 2009 Hit the Road article “Tyler to Marshall,” you say Marshall Pottery is the only company in Texas still producing wheel-thrown utilitarian gray stoneware.

That is so untrue! We own Bluebonnet Pottery near Brenham at the entrance to Lake Somerville and have been in business here since 1983. We have been producing wheel-thrown utilitarian gray stoneware for 26 years here in Washington County. We have been told we are the best-kept secret in Washington County! 

Although we aren’t as large as Marshall Pottery, we do make our own pottery right here in our studio, and it is just myself and my husband who do all of the work. We invite people to stop in at our studio and see the work being done right here. There are a lot of other potters in Texas who also make wheel-thrown utilitarian gray stoneware.

Bonnie Todee, Brenham

Editor’s note: We apologize for the oversight.