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For Electric Cooperative Members
March 2008 Letters

TCP Talk

Letters and comments from our readers

No Book Burnings in Sweetwater
Carlton Stowers in the December 2007 Footnotes in History, mentions the book burning alleged to have occurred in Sweetwater in 1925 as the result of Dorothy Scarborough’s book, The Wind. No trace of factual evidence [of a book burning] was ever uncovered. The book did create a furor in Sweetwater. The public library was unable to keep a copy on the shelves. The frustrated librarian finally chained the book to the circulation desk to prevent it from being stolen. She also retyped the book, with a carbon copy, which she had bound and put into circulation.

Texas Co-op Power readers might be more interested in Scarborough’s book In the Land of Cotton, which chronicles the creation of rural cooperatives in East Texas.

Jena Moffitt, Sweetwater


Sisters Caring
I must share my excitement and joy over the “Cinematic Cats” story! I applaud this kind of story as well as applaud the twin sisters who love the cats/ animals and the work they do on Lone Star Wildlife Ranch.

Cindy Lewis, Blue Ridge, Fannin County Electric Co-op

Editor’s note: Sisters Jamie Ruscigno and Jewels Satter­field asked that we publish contact information for them at the Lone Star Wildlife Ranch: (512) 468-7379, or e-mail [email protected].


Leave Wildcats Wild
Regarding the “Cinematic Cats” feature in your January issue, there can be no doubt that the ladies have a deep care for the four mountain lions and two tigers in the story. Humans are fascinated by and drawn to wild animals.

The problem with articles such as “Cinematic Cats” is that they convey the idea that having wild animals as pets is exciting and harmless. I can assure your readers that it is not harmless to the animals. Purring Kasey and the playful cubs lead lives that are deeply diminished compared to wild lives. Wild animals belong in the wild.

Craig Brestrup, Ph.D., Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation, Kendalia


Time Out for Texas Co-op Power
What my Texas Co-op Power lacks in size, it more than makes up for in variety and interest of articles.

I take them with me for the doctor or dentist, where the newest magazine is at least three months old. I keep one in the car for the times in the Wal-Mart parking lot when my wife says, “Wait for me, I’ll be right back.” Translated, that means at least 30 minutes.

Keep up the good work.

Tommy Fluker, Livingston, Sam Houston Electric Co-op

Correction: Due to an editing error, the January article on “Brenham in the ‘20s,” mentioned a Ku Klux Klan torching that actually took place in the 1890s.