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For Electric Cooperative Members
March 2016 Letters

TCP Talk

Letters and comments from our readers

Julia Robinson

Preserving Wildlife

How many of you anti-hunters have a hunting license, which helps preserve the wildlife [Letters, November 2015]? What have you birdwatchers and wildlife observers contributed to their management?

Carl Brockmann | San Angelo
Concho Valley EC

I Like Ike

Just read Another Texan in the White House? [Currents, December 2015], which lists Texans who ran for president of the USA (that country that borders Texas on three sides). How could you omit the most illustrious such person, Dwight Eisenhower?

Konrad Ebisch | Buda
Pedernales EC

Editor’s note: Eisenhower was born in Denison, but his family moved to Kansas shortly after his birth. He never ran for office in Texas and is more closely identified with his boyhood home of Abilene, Kansas, where he is buried and where you’ll find his presidential library.

More Topperweins

Through my father’s close friendship with Ad Topperwein, the great shooter mentored [me] as a 10-year-old kid. The elderly trick-shot artist rarely talked to me about the usual disciplines of sight alignment, sight picture and trigger control, but he did stress concentration. He mostly led by example in his unassuming manner. I vividly recall Ad throwing electrical box knockouts into the air in rapid succession and plugging every one with a .22 caliber Colt Woodsman pistol.

Bill Muldoon | Kerrville
Central Texas EC

Culture in Texas

I read the January 2016 letters and the response about culture in Texas by Lonn Taylor. We recently visited Shea’s Performing Arts Center in Buffalo, New York, and visited with the director of a restoration project there. She proudly told us about the project. In response, I started to tell her about our beautiful Round Top Festival Institute theater, only to get cut off by her saying, “I did not know they had culture in Texas.” She has never visited Texas, but it illustrates Taylor’s point.

Hendrik Bergen | Round Top
Fayette EC

Helping in Haiti

I was glad to see that electrical cooperative employees have gone to Haiti to help with the infrastructure [The Power of Your Cooperative, October 2015]. Since September 2013, I have been going to Haiti on a regular basis and am involved in teaching the residents to build earthquake- and hurricane-resistant homes.

Herb Nordmeyer | Castroville
Medina EC

Springing Forward

My wife and I absolutely hate daylight saving time [Daylight Saving Time Law Intercepted, Currents, November 2015]. When the time is advanced one hour in the spring, it plays havoc with the human sleep cycle. I will contact Rep. Dan Flynn of Van and ask him to never give up his quest to eliminate daylight saving time.

Gary Williams | Waxahachie