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For Electric Cooperative Members
March 2017 Letters

TCP Talk

Letters and comments from our readers

New London Legacy

Another legacy of the New London school explosion is the establishment of the Texas Board of Professional Engineers. It says this on the board’s website, “The Engineering Registration Act [Article 3271a, V.A.T.S.] was enacted as the result of a tragic school explosion at New London, Texas, in 1937. In response to concerns that the public could not identify who was qualified to practice engineering, the 45th Texas Legislature passed the Act as emergency legislation and it became law when signed by the Governor on May 28, 1937.”

Don R. Gilman | Bryan
Bryan Texas Utilities

For further insight, I highly recommend My Boys and Girls Are in There [Texas A&M University Press, 2012] by Texas author and educator Ron Rozelle. His book provides a compelling account of this horrible tragedy with personal insights into the affected individuals and families.

Kaelyn Koch | Speaks
Jackson EC

Too Wise for the Grinch

The Grinch that tried to steal Grandmaw and Grandpaw’s Christmas was defeated by the angels at Wise Electric Cooperative.

When we returned from our Christmas Eve service, we had no water. After checking everything, I called the Decatur office and asked if anyone could check my electricity. My well is on a separate meter from my house.

A dozen people were coming for Christmas Day, and we wondered if we would have to cancel our plans.

Wise EC workers came at 12:30 a.m. and fixed the problem. These people were on duty—not with loved ones—on Christmas Eve.

If you ever have a choice between a large corporation and your local co-op, you will be better off financially and have reliable and excellent service with the co-op.

Robert L. Raymon | Alvord
Wise EC

Healthy Dialogue

I was disappointed in the unhealthy ingredients, which should be minimized for good nutrition [2016 Holiday Recipe Contest, December 2016].

Many of us face being overweight, or having high cholesterol or diabetes that are worsened by butter, sour cream, salt, whipping cream, cream cheese, sugar and bacon.

While these ingredients contribute to pleasing taste and texture in dishes, anyone attempting to maintain good good health for a lifetime is obligated to enjoy them only in small amounts.

Offering for different tastes and health situations would be much better than the ones featured.

Judy Howe | Lockhart
Bluebonnet EC

This dish [Smoky Mac and Cheese] was outrageously good.

Christopher Perdue | Cedar Park
Pedernales EC

I had the privilege of having Stuffed Chicken With Mushroom Pan Jus prepared for me, and I had to find where it came from and who originated it. This is probably the very best dish I’ve had in my 73 years!

If you are in doubt about the time or trouble it might take you to make this, I guarantee you that you will NOT be disappointed. It is absolutely exquisite. Worth more than $3,000, in my opinion.

Linda Manuel | Leakey
Bandera EC