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March 2018 Letters

TCP Talk

Letters and comments from our readers

Not a Crazy Idea

I’ve read Musical Frontier [January 2018] three times and still can’t find a mention of Steven Fromholz. You know, the musician who was the poet laureate of Texas for 2007.

“I’d Have To Be Crazy” to think Gene Fowler omitted Mr. Fromholz on purpose.

Thomas Milyo | Keller
Tri-County EC

Editor’s note: Fowler did omit Fromholz on purpose but only because Fowler’s story centered on the Texas Heritage Songwriters’ Association Hall of Fame, and Fromholz is not a member.

Other Musical Poets

Slaid Cleaves must be included [Musical Frontier, January 2018]. For y’all not convinced, see this on YouTube to get you started: Slaid Cleaves Texas Love Song. You should hear his yodeling these days. He sat at the feet of Don Walser.

S.K. Meyer | Canyon Lake
Pedernales EC

How can you not mention Mac Davis? He is one of the most successful singer/songwriters in the country.

Sally Machost | Livingston
Sam Houston EC

Roosevelt’s Flight

Before Air Force One [Currents, January 2018] jogged my memory. My dad, Woodrow D. Nichols, was a young soldier in the U.S. Army Air Corps in World War II. I remember him telling me that he saw President Franklin D. Roosevelt when the president landed in Morocco in 1943. He said that as the motorcade passed, President Roosevelt looked and made eye contact with him. It really made the day for my dad.

Then in April 1943 in North Africa, he received word that he had just had a son born in March. That happened to be me!

Larry Nichols | Midlothian

Pop’s Story

Ellen Stader, this made me cry [Pop and Spike, December 2017]. Y’all are such beautiful humans.

Nicole Pouliot via Facebook
Brooklyn, New York

What a stunningly beautiful, inspiring and uplifting tribute. You write with such heart about what our generation is currently going through and what every generation will experience: caring for our beloved seniors. Don’t they make the best subject matter? Say hey to your pop from the Cannons.

Paul Lee Cannon via Facebook
Oakland, California

Editor’s note: Pop, Bob Stader, died January 7 in Austin. He lived in Texas 14 months.

Game of the Century

When Houston and UCLA played the Game of the Century in 1968 [A Hoops Home Run, Currents, January 2018], the longest winning streak in basketball belonged to a Texas college: Tarleton Junior College in Stephenville. The team won 86 consecutive games between 1934 and 1938. Then, after losing one game, it won 25 more in a row.

Jerry Hamrick | Glen Rose
United Cooperative Services

Coach Guy Lewis from Arp and Elvin Hayes from Rayville, Lou-isiana, played a large role in the Houston Cougars knocking the wind out of the Bruins. Matter of fact, we Texans of old will never forget the look on the faces of UCLA player Lew Alcindor [now Kareem Abdul-Jabbar] and coach John Wooden.

How about next time naming and quoting Texans—not the other guys.

Vardy Vincent | Kingsbury
Bluebonnet EC