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For Electric Cooperative Members
March 2020 Letters

TCP Talk

Letters and comments from our readers

Scrumptious and Healthy

I am tickled to death to welcome Megan Myers as the new food editor [New Year’s Resolution, January 2020]. I have eaten healthy most of my life and am excited to be able to consult Texas Co-op Power for new recipes.

The January meals look scrumptious, so I am already a fan.

Elaine Friedberg | Brenham
Bluebonnet EC

When I was in college, I had to subsist on the meal plan since money was tight. A vegetable that was often served in the cafeteria was Brussels sprouts. I absolutely hated them.

As I have gotten older, I have learned how important it is to eat fresh vegetables.

I can’t say enough good things about Megan Myers’ recipe for Spicy Glazed Brussels Sprouts. It was easy, and even my husband enjoyed the tasty vegetables.

Nancy Glasscock | Sonora
Southwest Texas EC

Brews and Pews

Back Pew Brewing in Porter is located on acreage that once belonged to a little country church [Texas Feels a Draft, January 2020]. The church interior has been redesigned into a taproom for customers.

The owners invited the priest from St. Isidore Episcopal Church and the congregation to come and help bless their brewery.

Mary Vazquez | Montgomery
MidSouth EC

Tamalada Tradition

We used to do tamaladas with my mom and all eight daughters [The Call of the Tamalada, December 2019]. Sadly, we lost Mom [a] few years ago, and this year we lost one of our sisters, but the tradition continues even as our circle gets smaller.

Betty Keiper | Via Facebook

At the risk of coming across too picky, I would like to point out that the singular of tamales is not tamale; it is tamal. In Spanish, when a word ends in “l,” it will be pluralized by adding “es.”

Mike McEwen | Jacksonville
Cherokee County EC

Editor’s Note: Yes, in Spanish, the singular is tamal, originally tamalli in the Nahuatl language. However, the word has been adapted into English as tamale.

Letters About Letters

Having grown up in a ranching family, I knew how to change a tire and drive stick shift early on [Letters, January 2020]. Having taught high school 37 years, I always told my students they needed to know those two things, even if they never needed to use them.

Charlotte Cassin | Batesville
Medina EC

A reader proposes a “dues requirement in Texas for VFDs.” Emergency services districts may be created where all property owners—not just those who feel like it—contribute, and many volunteer fire departments receive funding via the ESD mechanism. Voters must approve the proposed district and tax rate.

Ron Boerger | Brushy Creek
Pedernales EC