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March 2010 Letters

TCP Talk

Letters and comments from our readers

Inquiring Minds
The watermelon that farmer Shelby Johnson hoisted on the cover of the January 2010 issue weighed 135 pounds. The guys who hang out at a feed store in Bartlett Electric Cooperative territory were especially interested in its weight. We suspect there was some wagering going on.

—Kaye Northcott, Editor

Sold on Texas Co-op Power
We are fairly new residents in Austin County. We love your magazine. Guests in our home always pick it up and peruse it. Now we leave copies in the guest room for their reading enjoyment. Texas Monthly could learn something from you!

Terri Smith, San Bernard Electric Cooperative

Lineman to the Rescue
On December 24 at 11:30 a.m., my power went off. This was right in the middle of what the weatherman called a 50-year snowstorm. I called lineman Bryan McKee because the J-A-C Electric Cooperative office was closed for Christmas, and his number was listed as on call. I explained my problem and tried to get ready for a cold spell.

Thanks to great service, my electricity cut on again at 1:50 p.m. Then the phone rang. It was Bryan calling to make sure I was back in power.

It was funny that on December 28 I got an ad from another electric company wanting me to change service. All I could think was NEVER, NEVER would I want another electric service.

Patrick Smith, J-A-C Electric Cooperative

Recipes Request
Recently, my mom experienced some severe health issues resulting in her moving into my home for daily living assistance. Along with my mom came her forwarded mail. Much to my surprise, I discovered your magazine in her mail. The recipes are wonderful. I have tried several of them with each one being outstanding. They have renewed my joy of cooking again.

I would like to make one request of your publishers: It would be wonderful for the recipe pages to be printed on one side only. This would allow your readers to cut out the recipes for proper filing and future use.

Lu Daniel, Sam Houston Electric Cooperative

Editor’s note: We try not to print recipes on the reverse side of a page, but if there are three pages of recipes, this is not always possible.

Mighty Cute Mites
Reading the story about the Mighty Mites football team by Jim Dent in the December 2009 issue (“The Mighty Mites: The Orphans Who Could”) brought back many fine childhood memories. I grew up in the Poly area of Fort Worth, and my father, John Waddell, worked at the Masonic Orphans Home for a while. On many Sundays, my dad would go over to the home and pick up some of the boys, many of whom played football, and bring them over to our house for a meal. My mother usually made fried chicken and cherry cobbler.

This was in the late ’50s and early ’60s when my sister and I were entering our teen years, and we thought those guys were so handsome. I was especially smitten by one, Kermit Smith. I have often thought of those days, of Kermit and of where he is today. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

Jane Waddell Rosamond, Bandera and Nueces electric cooperatives

Movie in Works
The article and cover photo on the Mighty Mites were wonderful. The story is currently in the process of being made into a movie (see, and we are posting the latest news that we can announce there. Stay tuned for the rest of the story.

Ann Morton, Director of Communications, 12 Productions

Stay Away from Controversy
I, and many folks I’ve spoken to, are extremely disappointed that you would publish such a one-sided article in the December 2009 issue on the Rio Grande border fence (“Borderline: When It Comes to the Texas/Mexico Wall, No One’s Sitting on the Fence”). OUR government has chosen to erect the border fence for OUR protection, both physical and economic. Although some disagree with parts or even all of it, it isn’t the mission of OUR magazine to blatantly attack or downgrade every aspect of this effort.  

Al Schwerman, Pedernales Electric Cooperative