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For Electric Cooperative Members
November 2016 Letters

TCP Talk

Letters and comments from our readers

John Faulk

Broadband Challenge

The small rural broadband item really hit home with me [Currents, Narrowing of Broadband, September 2016].

We started getting promises of affordable rural broadband more than 20 years ago, and we still don’t have affordable broadband where I need it in Comanche County. We have had almost zero upload speed for over a month and have endured dozens of outages this year. Even sending an email is a struggle.

The telephone company offers 1.5-megabit internet for $39.99 per month, and a landline is required. Total cost is about $80 per month for primitive 1.5-Mb speed. This severely limits data usage.

Maria Miller via Facebook
Comanche EC

Editor’s Note: Thanks for sharing your experience. As you point out, this is a challenge in rural Texas and rural America. We included the brief item in Texas Co-op Power to share information and build awareness of the problem.

A Very Sweet Dog

I understand the reader’s comment saying the use of “pit bull” supports a negative stereotype [Letters, A Boy and His Dog, September 2016].

I personally will never have one, but a brother did, and his dog was so well-trained and happy. He would let my brother’s two young grandchildren grab his tail, and he would drag them around the house. When I went to visit, he would sleep by my door and was waiting to lick my hand when I got up the next morning. His was a very sweet dog.

Martha Ramsay | Elgin
Bluebonnet EC

Border Radio

The border radio ad I remember best, which I believe came from XELO in Clint, was for a 1-foot-tall statue of Jesus Christ that glowed in the dark [Letters, Mistaken Identity?, September 2016]. Listeners were advised to send $1 to “Jesus Christ, Clint, Texas.” Then the announcer spelled it out.

Border radio was the only way to stay awake while driving across Texas at night in the 1970s.

James C. Henderson | Midland
Tri-County EC

Hungry for Seafood

Absolutely loved the write-up on Gulf Coast seafood [Seafood Quest: Galveston, August 2016]. Great information on where to go and what each place served up. I loved the little history bits, as well.

It made me want to pack up and leave for the weekend to go visit and taste some of the delicious dishes mentioned. I could feel the salt air and water as I read the article. I’m hungry now!

Talli Jones | Iola
Mid-South Synergy