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For Electric Cooperative Members
October 2018 Letters

TCP Talk

Letters and comments from our readers

A Leading Lady

We really enjoyed All the State’s a Stage [August 2018]. We have been tuned in to all things Shakespeare since our daughter, Sarah Enloe, left for Staunton, Virginia, to work with the American Shakespeare Center. She has been head of education for ASC for a few years now and is in contact with several of the groups mentioned in the story.

Sam and Carol Enloe | Bryan
Bryan Texas Utilities

Is That Right?

I read that August 13 is International Left-Handers Day [Don’t Be Left Out, Currents, August 2018]. I also read elsewhere that a left-handed person is smarter than the average right-handed person because left-handers have more copper and zinc in their bodies.

Charles Chandler | Kemp
Trinity Valley EC

Growing and Mowing

The highway between lakes Toledo Bend and Sam Rayburn once had a wide variety of beautiful wildflowers and was called a scenic drive but was repeatedly mowed at the height of the bloom, a full month before it should have been mowed [Habitat Destruction, Letters, July 2018]. Now all the beautiful flowers are gone and so are the butterflies that accompanied them.

Joe Anne Daigre | Burkeville

Cadillac Ranch Rubbish

As it had been a number of years since I last visited the Cadillac Ranch, Rendezvous on Route 66 [July 2018] inspired me to make another visit. Sadly, I was appalled at the poor condition of the area, with excessive amounts of litter scattered around the cars and all the way back out to the service road. Discarded spray cans, and even more plastic caps, were left everywhere.

The place definitely does not leave one with a good impression of old Route 66 nor of our state.

Craig Schellbach | Burleson
United Cooperative Services

Editor’s note: Eric W. Miller, director of communications for the Amarillo Convention & Visitor Council, offers this response: “We are aware of this issue and we hope to work with the landowner to find a solution to the trash. The landowner provides a couple of dumpsters, at his expense, along the access road that are for the public to use. I have seen the disposal service go by and empty the dumpsters.”

FDR and the Hump

According to the U.S. State Department, President Franklin D. Roosevelt never traveled to Burma or China or anywhere in the Pacific theater of World War II [Flying Roosevelt Over the Hump, Letters, July 2018]. The farthest east that he traveled was Tehran, Iran, in November and December 1943.

Paul R. Shaw | Mineola
Wood County EC


Your writing selections are stellar. Thank you for your creativity and soulful devotion.

Robin Rather | via Facebook

Poles Aren’t Billboards

I’ve seen signs posted on utility poles in Gillespie, Kerr, Blanco and Hays counties, among others. Battling trash on the highways is difficult enough, and now people are using utility poles to trash our beautiful Hill Country.

Cheryl Bisson | Harper
Central Texas EC