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For Electric Cooperative Members
October 2020 Letters

TCP Talk

Letters and comments from our readers

My TX Moment

My personal My TX [August 2020] moment was 30 years ago and half a world away. I was deployed to Operation Desert Shield/Storm in Saudi Arabia. Near our camp was a group of Mujahedeen fighters, and they always left a grizzled old man to guard their camp.

One day he flagged us down. He started talking and pointing up and to the rear of my vehicle. I asked my interpreter what he wanted, and he said, “Texas.” The man recognized the small Texas flag on my radio aerial.

Alfred W. Evans, Gatesville | Hamilton County EC

Their TX

Congratulations, Pam LeBlanc, for declaring yourself a Texan [No Longer a Yankee, July 2020].

Without saying it, you seemed to echo Jay B Sauceda’s comment that Texas mystique is not built on small stuff or mediocrity or even above-average stuff but on the overwhelming.

J.K. Goode, Weimar | Fayette EC

I am fortunate enough to own an SRV flat-top hat from Texas Hatters [My TX, August 2020]. I was a regional VP for Epic Records and helped launch Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble. I bought several of these hats from the Texas Hatters shop when the album Texas Flood was released in 1983.

Jack Chase, Carrollton | CoServ

Palo Duro Beauty

The canyon is so beautiful [Palo Duro Love Letters, July 2020]. Very cool to have this famous artist’s work and letters reflecting that beauty.

Cindi Rak Mulcahey | Via Facebook

Fixin’ To Learn

I didn’t realize the word fixin’ was Texan—as I’ve used it all my life having been born in Shreveport and raised in south Louisiana [Finish This Sentence, August 2020]. My husband has always asked me where I got it. Now I know how to answer him.

Paula Bonin, Gun Barrel City | Trinity Valley EC