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September 2019 Letters

TCP Talk

Letters and comments from our readers

Touching Texas Soil

When I went to my brother’s funeral in Norway, I took a zip-close bag of soil from my yard in College Station [Native Soil, July 2019]. To make sure I wasn’t going to introduce foreign enzymes or insects, I sterilized the soil in the oven.

Before the service, my sister and I sprinkled the soil into the open grave. We were comforted in knowing that even that far from home, his body rested on Texas soil.

Jean W. McDermott | College Station
Bryan Texas Utilities

I did this! Lived in Oklahoma when my first kid was born. Had a bag of dirt from my hometown and one from Dad’s hometown. The nurse wasn’t happy about dirt in her operating room (C-section)!

Suzie Bates Clark | Via Facebook

Love, love, love this story. Wish I had thought of it in 1986 when my daughter was born in Boston. Fortunately, she’s in Austin now, and my grandson, Owen, is a bona fide Texan.

Cassandra Camp | Austin
Pedernales EC

Geronimo and History

My mother grew up at Fort Sam Houston as my grandpa was in the Army. My grandpa was fond of telling tall tales, and one of our family favorites was when he told all of his kids that he captured Geronimo [Geronimo in San Antonio, July 2019]. They proudly marched to school to tell their friends and teachers. Imagine their disappointment when they found out it wasn’t possible: My grandpa was born in 1902, well after Geronimo had left the Quadrangle.

Deborah Page | Burnet
Pedernales EC

Native Americans have been mistreated more than any other group of people in the history of this country. Their lands were stolen by the U.S. government and given for free to settlers. Thank you for the article. We must never forget what was done to the Native Americans.

Roberta McLaughlin | Lorena
Heart of Texas EC

Wonderful Pigs

I love pigs, so my daddy bought a pot-bellied pig for me and my husband in 1992 [This Little Piggy, May 2019]. Yes, he did grow to about 250–300 pounds, but he was wonderful.

It breaks my heart that people don’t really understand what they are doing when obtaining an animal. Thankfully, there are people like the ones in your story who bless these intelligent, wonderful animals.

Jo Ann and Terry Ely | Lubbock
South Plains EC

Texas Tech Studies

Tech has a history of interesting degree offerings in hospitality careers. This one is cooler yet [Grown Locally, July 2019].

Kevin Stahnke | Via Facebook

Slice of Life

Giving a knife to someone as a gift signifies a desire to cut the relationship [Bad Moon Waning, June 2019]. Don’t know if that qualifies as a superstition or an unspoken gesture.

Lisa Keenan | Via Facebook

Another Drive-In

Was sorry to see that there was no mention of the great drive-in located on FM 2920 in Hockley [Drive In, Chill Out, June 2019].

C. Martin | Bellville
San Bernard EC

Editor’s note: We couldn’t mention every Texas drive-in theater in our story. We did, however, put together a map of drive-ins across the state, which includes Hockley’s Showboat Drive-In. See the map at