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For Electric Cooperative Members
September 2008 Letters

TCP Talk

Letters and comments from our readers

Phooey on Heat Pumps
RE: Letter from John D. Bennett in the July 2008 issue. There is no heat from heat pumps. I built a house three years ago and did everything possible to make it energy efficient. The only mistake was installing a heat pump. In the winter all it does is blow cool air, and what little heat comes from the small heating coil in my system. The compressor runs and ices up in cold weather. So now I switch to the emergency-heat setting, which bypasses my compressor in winter. I have also purchased a small room electric heater so I can take off the winter coat I have to wear inside. We keep our upstairs bedroom at 58 degrees and downstairs at around 70 degrees. If you need heat, don’t buy a heat pump. You will be sorry you did when it really gets cold out.

O.R. Jordan, United Cooperative Services

Boo for Heat Pumps
I had the misfortune of owning a house in North Carolina with a high-efficiency heat pump and was sadly disappointed with its wintertime performance. The air coming from the vents was only a few degrees warmer than the ambient air in the house. With the thermostat set at 68, the return air was about 72 degrees—at its warmest. It was drafty and uncomfortable, and the house was always cold. The only time the air was warm was if the auxiliary or emergency heat was operating, and the electric meter on the side of my house spun like crazy. Whenever we had freezing precipitation it would melt down into the fan and compressor and impair its already poor performance.

Letter writer John D. Bennett’s recommendation that Congress mandate their use is an insult to our freedom of choice.

Marshall Valentino, Comanche Electric Cooperative


How Could You Omit The King’s Inn?
Oh, my goodness! How could Camille Wheeler, in the June 2008 edition, take the trip from Corpus Christi to the King Ranch without stopping at the best restaurant ever—The King’s Inn at Baffin Bay? I wouldn’t consider a trip to Corpus with stopping there for dinner!

Ann-Marie Holle, United Cooperative Services

Bouquet from New Reader
Just wanted to throw you a bouquet. After reading your magazine for the first time (May 2008 issue) at a friend’s house, I was delighted: Not only an article about Willie Nelson, but a wonderful recipe for strawberries in balsamic vinegar syrup. It doesn’t get any better than this! Good for you, and please keep up the good work.

Janice Mundy