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For Electric Cooperative Members
September 2014 Letters

TCP Talk

Letters and comments from our readers

Woody Welch

The Art of Generosity

Your introduction to counties around Texas was refreshing [“Darting Around Texas,” July 2014]. I was especially delighted with the Hemphill County story because during high school and my freshman year at Trinity University, I was friends with Malouf Abraham Jr. Years later, I met his charming wife, Therese. Their gift of The Citadelle is so in character for this outstanding family.

Rose Smith Hall | Kerrville
Bandera EC

We ♥ Darting

We’ve been receiving Texas Co-op Power for more than five years, and the July 2014 issue was the best ever. More articles like “Darting Around Texas,” please.

Gerald Bennett | Llano County
Pedernales EC

Inspiring Teacher

Mr. Young is a true inspiration [“We Live in a Different World,” July 2014]. Not very often does a teacher [Lewis Young] come along that touches the lives of everyone that walks through their door. He was that and so much more to his students.

Holly Moffett, via Facebook

Great Recipe

Just tried the Susan’s Sriracha Bacon Chicken Bites recipe [“Take it Outside!” June 2014]. It’s a keeper! Yummy!

Diane Van Eaton Baker, via Facebook | Austin
Pedernales EC

Stepping Out at the Hangar

Thank you very much for the article by Eileen Mattei on the Hanger Hotel in Fredericksburg [Hit the Road, June 2014].

My girlfriend and I spent a night there recently and enjoyed it immensely! It was just as Ms. Mattei described, and we included a visit to the National Museum of the Pacific War to get the full effect.

As an Air Force veteran, I just loved the place. We can’t wait to go back when they host a USO Dance.

Tim Bruner | Brazoria
Jackson EC

Controlling Wild Pigs

It was with alarm and more than a little repugnance that I read the letter [”The Big Pig Problem,” July 2014] regarding the use of sodium nitrite to address the feral hog problem [”Here a Pig, There a Pig,” April 2014].

Humans constantly forget laws of unintended consequences, some of which have gotten us into “species running amok” issues. Sodium nitrite poisoning is a horrible, painful way to die. A clean bullet is much more humane.

More important, how precisely does one keep other, more acceptable species or even pets from consuming these pellets? One can’t, and so the very creatures that might be protected from feral hogs through use of the pellets might end up meeting the same horrific end.

It’s too dangerous a method for indiscriminate use, and surely there must be other methods to consider before resorting to mass poisonings.

Rob Amerinel | Fredericksburg
Central Texas EC

This is in response to a letter writer’s comments about free hog hunting on our farms and ranches [“Wild Pigs,” June 2014].

It’s not that we don’t welcome the idea that we should give free access to our properties for “low-income hunters” to hunt hogs, but it’s their abuse of the privilege to hunt. They sometimes leave our gates open, disturb our livestock and leave their trash for us to clean up—and if we confront them, they get angry at us. Our insurance can be jeopardized if they get injured.

There is nothing free to us landowners to let these hunters on our property. Actually, they have left a bad taste in our mouths.

M.P. Graham | Buffalo
Houston County EC