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TCP Talk

Letters and comments from our readers

Working at Red’s

I too changed lots of tires and melted lots of hot patches on tires at Red’s service station on the side of the hill [Dad’s Service Station, November 2021].

Eddie Bolch, Bryan Texas Utilities | Bryan

photo of 2 bison on the Texas plains

The state herd of about 300 descends from bison raised by Charles Goodnight in the 1800s.

Earl Nottingham | TPWD


The Tormenting Cries

I am thankful that Mary Ann Goodnight had a kind heart for animals [Last of Their Kind, November 2021]. It must have been tormenting to hear the cries of the bison calves whose mothers were slaughtered for their hides.

The U.S. government came up with the idea of killing off the bison to subjugate the Indians, and what a slaughter of immense proportions the idea produced.

The bison are as much a part of Texas’ and this country’s heritage as any other living thing. They have earned their right to survive.

Roberta McLaughlin, Heart of Texas EC | Lorena


Little Sugar Tears

My mom made meringue where it had little sugar tears [The Alchemy of Egg Whites, November 2021]. I could never get it right. She baked it on top of banana pudding. Fond memories.

Leta Massey | Via Facebook

Our Old House

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed Sheryl Smith-Rodgers’ article on the Bendele family house [Not About To Fixate, October 2021].

My kids all got a kick out of remembering the details you wrote about. It made us all smile.

Kathy Bendele, Pedernales EC | Hye


Agree—we don’t need to make everything new and shiny.

Roberta Dunn Dobie | Via Facebook


Meaningful Learning

I enjoyed the article about the Comstock high school kids doing research on Indigenous rock art with the Shumla Archaeological Research and Education Center [Learning Rocks, October 2021]. It sounds like a great way to engage kids in meaningful learning.

Felicity Hannay, Central Texas EC | Golden, Colorado