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For Electric Cooperative Members
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‘Texas Co-op Power’ Gets a New Look

But all your favorite content is here to stay

You might have noticed something was different when you pulled this magazine out of your mailbox this month. Perhaps you thought the cover looked a little different. Well, you’re right, but the changes go deeper than that.

Texas Co-op Power has undergone a complete redesign. But even though it has a new look and feel, it’s the same magazine you know and love.

Every month, Texas Co-op Power is delivered to you to entertain, enlighten and educate you and your family. The magazine is a warm and friendly source for all things Texan, and like a well-informed neighbor, it can offer the secrets to making fabulous, family-pleasing meals; reveal hidden gems of the Texas landscape; and recount the humorous, quirky, solemn and often untold stories of our state’s history. Also like a good neighbor, it even reminds you how to save on your electric bill.

Most importantly, Texas Co-op Power is one of the primary vehicles through which Trinity Valley Electric Cooperative communicates directly with you, our members, and is a critical component in our efforts to fulfill Cooperative Principle No. 5—Education, Training and Information.

Through these pages, we report on matters important to the co-op, such as director elections and annual meeting information; share tips to help you maximize the energy efficiency of your home; and offer safety information that could save your life. We also use this magazine to help you understand how new technologies—which continue to advance at a sometimes overwhelming pace—fit into your daily life.

As with everything in life, tastes change—and magazine design is no exception. While TVEC is not one to jump on the bandwagon for the latest craze, we do realize when one of our products or services is in need of an overhaul. That’s why we’re excited to share this redesign with you.

For more than a year, the team behind Texas Co-op Power has worked diligently to update the look and feel of the magazine without sacrificing any of the content or character that inspires our members, month after month, to crack open these pages for some uniquely Texan stories—and a healthy dose of the cooperative spirit.

One of the major changes you may have noticed is the refreshed cover design and new Texas Co-op Power logo. The last time the logo was updated was in the mid-1990s, and though it suited that era well, sensibilities have changed. The new logo incorporates a modern feel that’s in line with the magazine’s evolution but sticks to its roots.

As you flip through this month’s issue, you’ll also see some smaller yet still significant changes, such as new colors and typefaces, new section headers, and more visually striking page layouts. Despite these changes, all of your favorite content is still here.

Texas Co-op Power remains dedicated to telling the stories of Texas’ unique people, history, mythology, culture and geography—the Texan way of life—as seen through the equally unique co-op lens. Readers will still enjoy all the best the magazine has to offer, from recipes, contests and event listings to travel narratives and other features, as well as local news concerning TVEC and the communities we serve. Readers can also still enjoy expanded content, contests and other special treats at and on our Facebook page and by subscribing to our e-newsletters.

The magazine has evolved with an eye toward the future, but it retains all the hallmarks that generations of rural electric cooperative members have cherished since the first issue in 1944. Just like TVEC, it’s here to stay and better than ever.